Open Day’19-IvLabs on 27th Sept’2019 at VNIT Nagpur.

Open Day’19-IvLabs

IvLabs – the Robotics Club of VNIT was honored to host Faculty Members to have a glimpse at ongoing and completed projects in their new space in the Academic Block. The event was held on 27th September 2019 from 3:30 pm to 7 pm.
The showcased projects included a person following robot, a quadruped robot, an autonomous stair climbing robot, and more cutting edge work from all fields of robotics, developed by undergraduate students. In addition to this, attendees could see the patents acquired and
research papers published by lab members.
This event, the Open Day 2019, was a resounding success, as professors from various domains of engineering came together to give lab members valuable guidance with regards to future projects, and improvements to existing ones. IvLabs is grateful to them for taking out the time and sharing their precious knowledge.
The esteemed Director of the Institute, Dr. P. M. Padole, graced the evening with his presence, as did many Heads of Departments. The Director provided a roadmap to escalate the projects to larger scales, so they can be deployed across the college. IvLabs hopes to have this
opportunity to interact again next year.