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Shalya Tantradnya

Welcome to the world of Medical rapidprototyping. शल्यतंत्रज्ञ (Shalya Tantrdanya) word is coined by amalgamating two words from Marathi language शल्य (Shalya) from शल्यविद्या (Shalya Vidya) i.e. surgery and तंत्रज्ञ (Tandradnya) means technician or one who practices technology i.e. an engineer.
The website शल्यतंत्रज्ञ (Shalya Tantradnya) is dedicated to doctors & engineers who work in co-ordination and serve the society by imbibing latest technical knowledge.

At CAD-CAM Centre, department of Mechanical Engineering V.N.I.T Nagpur, project titled “Design,development and testing of customised joint replacement using layered manufacturing” was funded by Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology commission, Govt. of Maharashtra during 2009-2014.

In this project, surgeons and engineers worked in co-ordination to explore possibility of using rapidprototyping technology in Medical Science to treat patients with complex disorders.

Shalya Tantrdanya:

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Prof. A.M.Kuthe
CAD-CAM centre
Department of Mechanical Engineering

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