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Welcome to VNIT Library  

The VNIT Library is 4 decades old having an independent three storied building. The collections of books and journals have been methodically developed through the years. It is always ensured that the collection is dynamic in nature by stacking separately ACTIVE and INACTIVE collection in tune with changes in syllabi.

The library and information resources centre is automated and users LIBSYS software. Students and faculty access library information through ON LINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOUGUE indexed databases called EI-COMPENDEX PLUS, DISSERTATION ABSTRACTS INTERNATIONAL and SAE Technical Papers are on campus-wide network of 10/100 Mbps lines and are available round the clock.

E-Resources List
Download Library Recommendation Form for Books/Journals




Library Staff

Sr. No. Post Name Role
1. Associate Dean, Education Technology & Library Services

 Dr. Mrs. A.S.Junghare



Advisory & Policy Making
2. OSD (library)

 Mr. James P. J.


Head of Library and Information Unit





Assistant Librarian


 Mrs. Poonam Harode



Assisting to Library in routine


4. Sr. Technical Asstt.

Shri. R. B. Parihar



Periodicals & Social Welfare – Section    In-charge
5. Sr. Technical Asstt.

Shri. A. N. Shambharkaranshvnit[at]rediffmail[dot]com   


Reference - Section     In-charge
6. Technical Assistant

Shri. Jaydeep Kumar Raikwarjaydeepvnit[at]gmail[dot]com


General Section, Circulation, Social Welfare Book Bank
7. Sr. Library Asstt.

Shri. U. D. Sukhadeve



Acquisition – Section In-charge
8. Sr. Library Asstt.

Shri. A. A. Kshirsagar



Catalogue – Section   In-charge
9. Sr. Library Asstt.

Smt. S. V. Potdar



Circulation – Section In-charge
10. Sr. Library Asstt.

Shri. M. D. Jaiswal



Bound Volume & LIB  Store – Section         In-charge
11. Supporting Staff

Shri. Raju Sahare


Messengers Dak & Cleaning


Special Features


1. This is the first technical library offering Automated Library Services to its clientele in central India.

 2. The collection development in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science are exceptionally RICH. 

 3. Providing Full Text / Full Images databases (ASCE, ASME, ACM-Digital, Economics and political weekly, Springer Verlag, IEL online, JSTOR, Oxford university press, Nature etc through ESS) Springer Verlag, Web of Science, Elsiever Science Direct.

 4. The Full Text / Images are downloadable in either HTML or PDF Format.  

 5.CCTV + WIFI Facilities.

 6. Plagiarism detection tool like " Turnitin" is used by faculty and students.

7. IEEE  SWEBOK online learning platform is available for students.

Objectives of the Information and Library Unit

     1. Identify, acquire, organize and provide access to relevant resources and recorded knowledge to support teaching, learning, research and creative activities.

     2. Provide library services and resources in different formats that meet our patrons' needs.

     3.To help informally producing technical manpower for absorption in Indian industries and management.

     4. Maintain a current well balanced collection of information and knowledge resources.

     5. Educate patrons about the services and resources in the library.

     6. Create a culture and ambience that is conductive to study at all levels.


Physical Facilities




     1. Floor Space 6400 sq m
     2. Seating Capacity 200 (Library) + 150 (Night Reading)
     3. Water Coolers One at each floor
     4. Computer Terminals 4 (OPAC Services) ,  2 (Circulation) , 2(Data Entry), 1(KIOSK)
     5. Telephone 16 Inter Phones + 2 Outside Dialing Facility
     6. Library Stacks 480 (for Books, Bound volumes and reference collection + 60 Steel Almirahs + 22 Periodical Display Racks)
     7. Lavatory Blocks Two on each floor with one for Physically Handicapped on ground floor 3(Ground floor) + 2(1st Floor) + 2(2nd Floor)
     8. Computer Machine PCs - 19


Various Sections
    1. Circulation  
    2. Cataloging
    3. Reference  
    4. Social Welfare Book Bank
    5. Periodicals  
    6. Acquisition
    7. Processing and Binding
    8. Reprographic
    9. Students Aid Fund Book Bank


  Library Hours

The Library is kept opened on all days in a year except for five days ie three National Holidays, Diwali and Holi.

[2.1]Library  Hours                     Daily-8.30 AM to 09.40 PM. 

[2.2]Transaction Hours               9.00 AM to 9.00 PM.

[2.3] Reading Room                  24 x 7 hrs

General Library Rules

1. The staff members of information unit at property counter are authorised to verify and examine everything that goes in or out of the unit.

2.No outside student from any other engineering college is allowed without proper authorisation from the respective principals.

3.All the documents to be taken on loan should be presented at the entrance gate together with gate-pass and only on proper authorisation and

  verification he/she  would be allowed to take away the documents.

4.General etiquettes are expected from every member of information unit and clientele; as such Singing, Loud Speaking, Shouting, Spitting, Sleeping, Smoking,     etc are strictly prohibited.

5. Identity card is compulsory for getting access to the library.

6. All the users are requested to switch off their mobiles or keep it on vibration mode.

7.The librarian reserve the right to suspend / cancel the membership of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or for any other

   indecent/ indiscipline behavior.

8 The library will not be responsible for users’ personal belongings /property lost in the library.


Rules related to borrowing of books


1.Documents borrowed from the information unit are not transferable and borrowers are responsible for what they borrow. No plea will be heard from them and       they must verify the documents in good condition before leaving the library.

2.The documents from reference section are only meant for on site consultation and normally are not issued.

3.The documents, which are lost by the borrower, need to be reported and replaced with recent edition of the same or the bound xerox copy. In the event he fails     to make xerox copy, the charges to be levied will be decided by the librarian on behalf of the library committee.

4. Every document has RFID tag. Any mutilation to RFID tag attracts Rs. 1000 penalty.

5. A library fine for overdue document be levied per book of Rs. 10/- for first week after due date, additional Rs. 20/- per book for next week, and adding 

    Rs  50/- per book after two weeks of due date.

Library Collection


General Books


Book Bank


Books for economically weak students


E- Books




National 52
International 2357 Online + 29 print-subscribed
Gratis Periodical Received in Library 58
Indian Standards 8759
Society Standards 337
Bound Volumes 15706
ESS Periodicals(Online) 5116


Full Text/Images Services (Proactive or Reactive)

  1 Current Awareness Services for Journals Monthly
  2 Selective Dissemination of Information Service Research Staff
  3 Reference Service UG / PG Student / Ph.D. Scholars
 4 Referral Service For Outside Libraries & Staff
5 Interlibrary Loan Service UG / PG Students &Teaching Staff
6 Database Service UG / PG Students &Teaching Staff
7 Reprographic Service For All
8 Technical Inquiry and Special Services Outside Members with permission
9 Bibliographic Service PG Students / Researchers
10 OPAC (On Line Public Access Catalogue Service)

Staff, Students & Other Members

11 Resource Sharing NEERI, CPRI, IBM, University Library & Special Libraries



The following class of members are eligible to borrow the documents against their quota stated below and defined to the system.

Sr No Library Users Loan Period No of Documents entitled
1 Faculties 60 days 20
2 Students- UG 14 days 07
Students - PG 14 days 07
4 Non-teaching Staff (Ministerial) 14 days 02
5 Research Assistant 60 days 04
6 Research Scholar(including PhD)
14 days  07
7 Speranunuated Staff 30 days 05
8 Temporary Lecturer 30 days 02
9 Social Welfare Students Books One semester 10
10 Vsiting Professor 60 days 10

 Per Day User Statistics

1 Issue Counter ( Lending Section) 512
2 Reference Section 245
3 Periodical Section 167
4 Reading Room Section 468
5 General Section 182
6 Reprographic Section 376
7 Internet /Wi Fi Use 668
8 CD-ROM Use 098



Institute Team
  • Dr. Pramod M. Padole, Director
    Dr. Pramod M. Padole, Director
  • Dr. S. R. Sathe, Registrar
    Dr. S. R. Sathe, Registrar
  • Dr. G. P. Singh, Dean(P&D)
    Dr. G. P. Singh, Dean(P&D)
  • Dr. S. B. Thombre, Dean (Acad)
    Dr. S. B. Thombre, Dean (Acad)
  • Dr. R. K. Ingle, Dean (FW)
    Dr. R. K. Ingle, Dean (FW)
  • Dr. V. B. Borghate, Dean(R&C)
    Dr. V. B. Borghate, Dean(R&C)
  • Dr. B. S. Umare, Dean (SW)
    Dr. B. S. Umare, Dean (SW)
  • Dr. M. M. Mahajan, HOD(APPM)
    Dr. M. M. Mahajan, HOD(APPM)
  • Dr. R. S. Gedam, HOD(PHY)
    Dr. R. S. Gedam, HOD(PHY)
  • Dr. V. S.Adane, HOD(ARCH)
    Dr. V. S.Adane, HOD(ARCH)
  • Dr. S. S. Umare, HOD (CHM)
    Dr. S. S. Umare, HOD (CHM)
  • Dr. Rajesh Gupta, HOD(CIV)
    Dr. Rajesh Gupta, HOD(CIV)
  • Dr. U.A. Deshpande, HOD(CSE)
    Dr. U.A. Deshpande, HOD(CSE)
  • Dr. M.K.Khedkar,HOD(EEE)
    Dr. M.K.Khedkar,HOD(EEE)
  • Dr. K.M. Bhurchandi,HOD(ECE)
    Dr. K.M. Bhurchandi,HOD(ECE)
  • Dr. P. P. Chakravarthy,HOD(MATHS)
    Dr. P. P. Chakravarthy,HOD(MATHS)
  • Dr. V. R. Kalamkar, HOD(MEC)
    Dr. V. R. Kalamkar, HOD(MEC)
  • Dr. A. P. Patil, HOD (MME)
    Dr. A. P. Patil, HOD (MME)
  • Dr. N. R. Thote, HOD(MNG)
    Dr. N. R. Thote, HOD(MNG)
  • Dr. S. S. Umare, HOD(CHEM)
    Dr. S. S. Umare, HOD(CHEM)
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Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology,

South Ambazari Road, Nagpur, Maharashtra. Pin 440010 (India)

Phone: (+91-712-) 2222828, 2224123, 2231636, 2226750, 2223710, 2236330, 2236331, 2236332 FAX: (+91-712-) 2223969 ,2223230