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Minutes of Building & Works Committee Meeting held on :

Building & Works Committee Download Link
44th meeting on 07th September 2017
Click here
43rd meeting on 12th June 2017
Click here
42th meeting on 01th March 2017
Click here
41st meeting on 24th November 2016 Click here
40th meeting on 2nd September 2016 Click here
39th meeting on 3rd March 2016 Click here
38th meeting on 19th March 2015 Click Here
37th meeting on 29th January 2015 Click Here
36th meeting on 12th November 2014 Click Here
35th meeting on 14th September 2014 Click here
34th meeting on 25th April 2014 Click here
33th meeting on 22nd March 2014 Click here
32th meeting on 30th December 2013 Click here
31th meeting on 23rd October 2013 Click here
30th meeting on 28th June 2013 Click here
29th meeting on 18th March 2013 Click here
28th meeting on 7th February 2013 Click here
27th meeting on 25th September 2012 Click here
26th meeting on 25th July 2012 Click here
25th meeting on 9th April 2012 Click here
24th meeting on 10th February 2012 Click here
23th meeting on 5th August 2011 Click here
22th meeting on 16th November 2010 Click here
21th meeting on 14th October 2010 Click here
20th meeting on 4th May 2010 Click here
19th meeting on 28th March 2010 Click here
18th meeting on 29th January 2010 Click here
17th meeting on 14th August 2009 Click here
16th meeting on 30th March 2009 Click here
15th meeting on 22nd October 2008 Click here
14th meeting on 7th May 2008 Click here
13th meeting on 13th February 2008 Click here
12th meeting on 25th January 2008 Click here
11th meeting on 15th October 2007 Click here
10th meeting on 14th April 2007 Click here
9th meeting on 5th January 2007 Click here
8th meeting on 21st July 2006 Click here
7th meeting on 12th January 2006 Click here
6th meeting on 3rd October 2005 Click here
5th meeting on 25th February 2005 Click here
4rd meeting on  8th November 2004 Click here
3nd meeting on 24th December 2004 Click here
2nd meeting on 23 rd June 2003
Click here
1st meeting on 9th December 2002 Click here
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