Special Features

1. This is the first technical library offering Automated Library Services to its clientele in central India.

2. The collection development in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science are exceptionally RICH.

3. The Full Text / Images are downloadable in either HTML or PDF Format.

4.CCTV + WIFI Facilities.

5. Plagiarism detection tool like ” Turnitin”and “Urkund” is used by faculty and students.

6. IEEE  SWEBOK online learning platform is available for students.

7. SMS/ e-mail alert


Objectives of the Information and Library Unit

 1. Identify, acquire, organize and provide access to relevant resources and recorded knowledge to support teaching, learning, research and creative activities.

2. Provide library services and resources in different formats that meet our patrons’ needs.

3.To help informally producing technical manpower for absorption in Indian industries and management.

4. Maintain a current well balanced collection of information and knowledge resources.

5. Educate patrons about the services and resources in the library.

6. Create a culture and ambience that is conductive to study at all levels.