General Library Rules

1. The staff members of information unit at property counter are authorised to verify and examine everything that goes in or out of the unit.

2.No outside student from any other engineering college is allowed without proper authorisation from the respective principals.

3.All the documents to be taken on loan should be presented at the entrance gate together with gate-pass and only on proper authorization and

verification he/she  would be allowed to take away the documents.

4.General etiquettes are expected from every member of information unit and clientele; as such Singing, Loud Speaking, Shouting, Spitting, Sleeping, Smoking,     etc are strictly prohibited.

5. Identity card is compulsory for getting access to the library.

6. All the users are requested to switch off their mobiles or keep it on vibration mode.

7.The librarian reserve the right to suspend / cancel the membership of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or for any other

indecent/ indiscipline behavior.

8 The library will not be responsible for users’ personal belongings /property lost in the library.

Rules related to borrowing of books

1.Documents borrowed from the information unit are not transferable and borrowers are responsible for what they borrow. No plea will be heard from them and       they must verify the documents in good condition before leaving the library.

2.The documents from reference section are only meant for on site consultation and normally are not issued.

3. The book which is  lost by the borrower need to be reported and replaced with recent edition of the same and if the book is not available in the market , one has to pay 10 times of the original cost of book along with 10 % as negligence charges.

4. Every document has RFID tag. Any mutilation to RFID tag attracts Rs. 1000 penalty.

5. A library fine for overdue document be levied per book of Rs. 10/- for first week after due date, additional Rs. 20/- per book for next week, and adding

Rs  50/- per book after two weeks of due date.