Guidelines For Students

Guidelines for students :

  1. Please read the Placement policy displayed on the T & P notice board and website carefully.
  2. Check the notices regularly to avoid missing the deadlines.
  3. Eligibility criteria are defined by the visiting company and not by T&P cell.
  4. CTC is defined and is displayed as given by the company.
  5. Last date for applying has to be adhered to. If a student loses a chance because he/she applied late the T & P department cannot force the company to consider the candidature.
  6. Students must carry identity cards during all campus procedures.
  7. Any issue related to placements should be forwarded through the respective Placement representatives.


Code of Conduct :

  1. Apply for the selection process of a company only if you wish to join it. Please research the company, alumni working in it and if you are suitable to the work profile before applying.
  2. Once you have applied for a company it is compulsory for you to appear for the complete process including the PPT. If any student fails to appear for PPT and further process, the T & P department will take strict action as deemed fit.
  3. Students should reach the PPT and for further selection process on time.
  4. During the campus selection process the candidates are expected to appear in formal attire and be neatly dressed. The objective is to project their seriousness about the interview and the job.
  5. The instructions below are indicative and students can use their discretion.

Boys – Formal Shirts, Trousers, Tie, Blazers, Formal Shoes

Girls – Sober coloured Salwar Kurta, Western Formals