VNIT Nagpur holds the 4th National Solar Vehicle Challenge 2020.

VNIT Nagpur holds the 4th National Solar Vehicle Challenge 2020

            National Solar Vehicle Challenge (NSVC) 2020, was organised by Electrical Engineering Department, VNIT Nagpur in association with Dynamist Motorsports, New Delhi, as one of the events during the celebration of Diamond Jubilee year of the institute.

Objective of the event was to provide a platform to the students from all over the country to demonstrate their skills and ideas of solar electric vehicles designed and built by them. The event also gave them an opportunity to compete against each other and learn simultaneously. It was a year  long event with 33 participating teams out of which only 15 could qualify for the final round. In the end, only 12 teams with 300 student members were able to demonstrate their prototype vehicles. NSVC 2020 was 4th in Session and 1st in Maharashtra. Members of students’ team of VNIT, Team Velocity and Team Tesla has dedicatedly worked in organisation of this event.

            Rigorous evaluations, such as technical inspection, innovation, Business Plan, solar endurance, acceleration and brake test, on-road testing under actual conditions were carried out.  Inspection was carried out for more than 60 parameters. Solar endurance test was carried out to test whether the sizing of the panel and the controller selection is appropriate as per the weight of the vehicle or not? Acceleration and brake test were carried out to test the performance of the on-board battery, motor, mechanical brakes and the suspension system. On-road performance was carried out on the smoot surface with Auto Cross and sinusoidal test with the extension to extremely rough terrain.

During the evaluation, students’ team were also required to present their innovation and business plan with proper justification. In case of any issue during the evaluation tests, teams were given chance to rectify and participate once again. All the tests were time bound.

On the last day of the challenge, each team were to run their car under mixed terrain plain, rough and slope for 1.5 hours under race condition. Total track length including multiple laps was 70kms. This was to evaluate overall performance of the vehicle. There were dedicated teams of technical experts from VNIT and Dynamist Motorsports for the evaluation and guidance.

Team “VCET Solecthon” from Mumbai was declared as overall all champion of the Challenge with an award of Rs. One Lakh. Runner up and the 2nd runner up received the award of Forty thousand and Twenty thousand rupees. Apart from these, there were other prizes of around One Lakh rupees. to the winner of individual evaluation tests.

            Mr. Arvind Kumar, Head TCS Mihan was the Chief Guest and Mr Shrikant Dube, Mahindra & Mahindra Group was Guest of Honour of the valedictory function. Mr. Shrikant, expressed his feeling that he was overwhelmed with the performance and motivation of the students in design and building of performing Solar Electric Vehicles and has appreciated the efforts of VNIT. Mr. Arvind Kumar, explained how their collaboration with VNIT in the area of electric mobility has brought the attention of their international clients to setup infrastructure in TCS Mihan. He appreciated the performance of the participating candidates and motivated them with his words.  Prof. P.M. Padole, Director VNIT Congratulated the student teams and guided them about what more they can do to improve the performance of the vehicle and standardise their prototypes. Prof. M.A. Chaudhari, Head Electrical Engineering Department, presented her views on Electric Vehicles and what the department is doing in development of electric vehicle Technologies. Dr. Ritesh Keshri and Dr. Arghya Mitra were the co-ordinators for the event.