Department of Applied Mechanics offers two M. Tech program, namely, M. Tech. in Structural Engineering and M. Tech. in Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering. Student has to complete certain number of credits wherein, each subject (or course) has certain number of credits. The number of credits attached to a subject depends on number of classes in a week. For example a subject with 3-1-0 (L-T-P) means it has 3 Lectures, 1 Tutorial and 0 Practical in a week. This subject will have four credits (3×1 + 1×1 + 0x1 = 4). If a student is declared pass in a subject, then he/she gets the credits associated with that subject. Depending on marks scored in a subject, student is given a Grade. Each grade has got certain grade points as follows:

Grades Grade Points Description of performance
AA 10 Outstanding
AB 09 Excellent
BB 08 Very Good
BC 07 Good
CC 06 Average
CD 05 Below Average
DD 04 Marginal
FF 00/Fail Very-poor/ Unsatisfactory / Absence in End-Semester Examination
W   Attendance Less than 75 %. Not Eligible for End-Semester Examination. Student Shall repeat the Course.
SS   Satisfactory Completion of  Audit Course
ZZ   Un-satisfactory / Audit Course Continuation
  • Detailed Scheme:

a) For Students Admitted in Summer 2018:

b) For Students Admitted in Summer 2020:

c) Scheme from 2022 Session:

Course Book for M.Tech. in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

Course Book for M.Tech. in Structural Engineering

d) Minor Course on Disaster Risk Reduction: Scheme and Syllabus