List of Recent Projects

Sr. No. Project title Funding Agency

(with date of award)

1 Smart Structure with failure Alarm system NPIU, Govt of India

Centre of Excellence, VNIT Nagpur,

22 July 2014

Dr. A Y Vyavahare, Ashish Tiwari,

Ashwin Dhabale

2 Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Precast Faced Wall-panels M/s Paul Bricks,

Tuskrete Steel Fibers, Nagpur

25 Sept 2017

Dr. A Y Vyavahare,

Dr. R K Ingle

3 Capacity Building for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation with a Special Focus on Sustainable Habitat and Risk  Management
DST-CCP SPLICE_Department of Science and Technology PI: Dr. Rajashree Kotharkar, Co PI: Dr. Dr. Ratnesh Kumar, Dr. S. M. Deshkar
4 Evaluation of Toughcrete Steel Fibre – Concrete Composites


PDPL (Industry) PI: Dr. Ratnesh Kumar, Co PI: Dr. R. K. Ingle
5 Indigenous Design and Development of High Strain Rate Characterization Machine for Characterization of Soft Materials SERB (DST)

27 June, 2017

Dr. M. D. Goel
6 Numerical simulation of Dynamics of Blast hardened structure and crew response against blast loads using LS-Dyna DEBEL (DRDO)

16 Oct., 2017

Dr. M. D. Goel
7 Optimization of module mounting structure for solar power using different structural configurations Head, Mahindra EPC Services Pvt Ltd, Mahindra Tower, Dr. G. M. Bhosale Marg, P K Kurne Chowk, Worli, Mumbai Dr. R. K. Ingle
8 Conversion of Bridge (pipe / vented Culverts) to Bridge cum Bandhara PWD Nagpur

May 2018

Dr. R K. Ingle
 9 Development Of Standardised Design And Drawings Of A Bridge Cum Bandhara System   Director (Technical), National Rural Roads Development Authority Dr. R. K. Ingle 
 10 Standardised Design Procedure And Type Design For Elevated Service Reserviours   Department of Drinking Water Supply, Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, Ministry of Rural Development Dr. R. K. Ingle  
 11 Commentary on Ductile detailing of reinforced concrete structures subjected to seismic forces IS 13920-1993  IIT Kanpur
Dr. R. K. Ingle  and Dr. O. R. Jaiswal
 12 Development of design aids for seismic analysis of elevated water tank  IIT Kanpur   Dr. R. K. Ingle  and Dr. O. R. Jaiswal  
 13  Development of Design aids for seismic design of builidngs  World Bank finances through IIT Gandhinagar Dr. R. K. Ingle  and Dr. O. R. Jaiswal  
Construction of Prestressed Precast Pavement PWD, Nagpur Dr. R. S. Sonparote
Dynamic response of deeply buried hardened structures (DBHSs) caused by surface/subsurface explosion DRDO, Delhi
Dr. M. D. Goel
Explanatory Examples and Design Aids on IS 1893(Part1):2016, and IS 13920:2016 World Bank finances through IIT Gandhinagar Dr. O. R. Jaiswal

Dr. R. K. Ingle


Development of Standardized Procedure, Design and Drawings   for Small Span Integral Bridges

PWD Nagpur Dr. R. K. Ingle
Simulation of textile fabric and composites DRDO, Bangalore
Dr. M. D. Goel
Rationalizing Stress Strain Curve for Different Grade of Concrete
Pee Vee Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Dr. S. S. Gadve
Comparative study of Stainless steel and TMT Rebar in concrete PWD, Mumbai Dr. S. S. Gadve