The Department is equipped with –


  • Computer Lab.
  • Building Material Bureau.
  • Climatology Lab.
  • Modelling & Carpentry Workshop.
  • Appropriate Technology & Construction Yard.
  • Acoustics and Illumination Lab.


 S.No. LaboratoriesIn-charge
 1 Modeling workshop A M Deshmukh
 2 Climatology R S Kotharkar
 3 Photography A P Patil
 4 Materials Bureau S P Bahadure
 5 Appropriate Material and Technology  V S Kapse
 6 Computer Lab. P.G. V V Ghuge
 7 Computer Lab. U.G. Amit M Deshmukh
 8 Audio Visual Lab. K N Joglekar
 9 Departmental Library A J Wahurwagh
 10 Acoustics and Illumination A P Patil