Details of Activities in Computer Centre




Activity / Event

Duration / Date of Activity



Computer Programming language (CPL) Practicals for B.Tech and M.Sc. first year students for odd and Even semester for every session. (Daily practicals time: 9 am to 5:40 pm). Even Semester : Jan 2014 to May 2014

Odd Semester : July 2014 to Dec 2014

Regular Activity


Chemistry Department conducted a Practical of Computational Laboratory of one semester for MSc. 3rd Semester as per schedule. July 2013 to Oct. 2013 Regular Activity


Online Spoken Tutorial Workshop on FOSS Examination conducted by IIT Bombay through C-DEEP for various courses. -Aug 2014 to Dec 2014

-Jan 2014 to April 2014

-Sept 2012 to Oct 2012

-Feb 2012 to March 2012

Regular Activity


Training and Placement department conducted Regular Online Campus Test for students (4 to 8 campus test in every month and 90 to 100 companies every year. Companies such as TCS, IBM, Oracle, Facebook, L&T ECC, Mu Sigma, ZS Associates, ABB, Amazon, Persistent, Infocepts etc….). As per schedule Regular Activity


Computer Science Department conducted OPJEMS Scholarship online test for every year in Computer Center. OPJEMS-2014 Sept 6 ,2014

OPJEMS-2013 Sept 7 ,2013

OPJEMS-2012 Sept 7 ,2012

OPJEMS-2011 Sept 4 ,2011

Regular Activity


Provision of computers systems for online admission process such as AIEEE, CSAB and student events like AXIS, AAROHI etc…for every year. As per schedule Regular Activity


Internet Computing facility to all students, Research Scholars, PhD Scholars of VNIT to access online journals, online study resources , project related work and all other online subscription that VNIT Library have. Daily access Regular Activity


Computer Center run in two shifts to provide Internet access   for research work, project work   and computing facility to all students of VNIT till Night 11 PM. Daily Access Regular Activity


Workshop on “LABVIEW Software phase-I and phase-II” organized by National Instruments conducted by Electrical Department. 21 Aug 2012 to 1 Sept 2012


Workshop Training Session on “Met lab Software” organized by M/s Math works, Bangalore conducted by Electrical Department. 9 Nov 2010 to 12 Nov 2010


Workshop on “Green construction project management” by Civil Engg. Department. 23 June 2012 to 24 June 12


Civil Engineering Department conducted a course of “CAD” (Computer Aided Design) of even semester for MTech. Transportation Engineering. Jan. 2013 to Apr. 2013


Workshop on “SOFTER HEAD” conducted by Civil Engg. Department. 31 Aug 2012 to 1 Sept 2012


Refreshers course on “CAD and design of pipelines and Pie networks for water supply and Sewerage networks” conducted by Civil Engg Department. 17 Nov 2012 to 23 Nov 2012


Mechanical Engg. Department conducted a short term workshop on “Engineering Drawing Practices on AutoCAD” for B.Tech first year student on every Wednesday to Friday. 23 Jan 2012


Online test on “NMEICT” (National Mission on Education through ICT) 2 week ISTE Workshop on Engineering mechanics organized by IIT Bombay (26 Nov – 6 Dec 2013). 6 Dec 2013


Online test for “Technovision-2014-15” National Programming League championships Program organized by NIT Warangle. 7 Aug 2014


Computer Typing test (35 w.p.m.) for “Junior Assistant” (permanent post) conducted by Administrative Department of VNIT. 21 July 2014


Computer based Hindi Typing Test on “Hindi Pakhwada” workshop conducted by VNIT Institute. 23 Sept 2010


Internet computing facility for 50 workshop participants for 2 days ISTE Workshop on “Research Methods In Educational Technology”. 2 Feb 2013 &

9 Feb 2013


Computer based English proficiency test for 2nd 3rd & 4th year students conducted by student council member of VNIT. 11 Oct 2012


Workshop on “Virtual Laboratories” organized by IIT Kharagpur conducted by Dept. of Electrical Engg. 5 Nov 2012