Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


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[fruitful_tab title=”How I can access Internet in Computer Centre?”]

You have to put Proxy Server Address in the Web Browser you are using

[fruitful_tab title=”What are the Proxy Server Addresses which I can use in Computer Centre?”]

There are total 2 Proxy Server Addresses you can use in Computer Centre. Port no. 8080 Port no. 8080

[fruitful_tab title=”How to Change Proxy Server Address in the Web Browser?”]

Changing Proxy is different from Browser to Browser. It is listed below:-

Internet Explorer:-

Go To –>Tools –>Internet Options –>Connections –>LAN Settings –>Proxy Server

Here you have to enter either or or

And Port No. must be: – 8080

Google Chrome:-

Go To –> Customize and Control Google Chrome –>Option –>Under the Hood –>Change Proxy Settings

This will open a window which is similar to IE. Note here, the Proxy you set for your Internet Explorer is automatically applied to Google Chrome and Vice Versa.

For images related to changing proxy in Google Chrome Click Here

Mozilla Firefox: –

Go To –> Tools –> Options –> Advanced –> Network –> Settings –> Manual Proxy Configuration

Here you have to enter either or or

And Port No. must be: – 8080

For images related to changing proxy in Mozilla Firefox Click Here

[fruitful_tab title=”How to access various International Journals / Papers which our VNIT Library has Subscription?”]

If you know the link of the International Journals / Papers you want, you can access it through any Web Browser, but make sure you have set your proxy to“ & port no. 8080”. List of all E-Resources available with VNIT’s Library and Information Centre can be found under the link,
[fruitful_tab title=”Can I use my personal Laptop to connect to Computer Centre’s network to access Internet?”]

Officially you don’t have access right to use your personal Laptop or device to connect to Computer Centre’s LAN. But for any project related or official VNIT’s students events work, we are giving access to few devices, but for that students need to give request letter to our Computer Centre In-Charge or He / She can bring recommendation letter from any Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor (Guide or In-Charge of the Event).
[fruitful_tab title=”In which user I can access Internet and other general work?”]

You have to use Student – Account to access internet, routine practical work and all other general work.
[fruitful_tab title=”How to access NPTEL Videos?”]

 If you want to access NPTEL Videos then you have to follow link below: –