Nanoelectronics: Characterisation and Simulation of Nano-Devices

Project ended on March 2012

The project “Characterization and Simulation of Nanodevices” is sponsored by Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India. The main objective of this project is to Establish a framework for nano-electronics device design, simulation and testing in at VNIT Nagpur.

It is predicted that Nanotechnology will have a profound impact on economy and human society in the years ahead. The nanotechnology applications that are eventually commercialized will help to provide us with new and exciting products that will improve our lives in countless ways. This project aims at fabrication of very important nanoelectronic component, quantum dots and nanocrystals. The aim is also to produce them with the process which is compatible to existing CMOS process. Progress of the nanotechnology depends on the trained manpower. This set-up is also being used for manpower training in the area of Nanotechnology and CMOS process.

Nanoelectronic devices are attractive option because they exhibit higher speed, lower power, higher density, and more enhanced functionality than conventional semiconductor devices. They are very cost-effective economically compare to today’s silicon devices, which needs very high initial investment. Quantum dots are attractive options for many applications and recently their use for dynamic angiography has been demonstrated successfully. It is expected that hybrid electronic systems, in which traditional VLSI technology, integrated with nano components will show its presence in the market very soon.