The Department endeavors to facilitate state of the art technical education in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering by infusing scientific temper in the students leading towards research and to grow as centre of excellence in the field. The vision of the department is to provide education to students that is directly applicable to problems and situations encountered in real life and thus foster a successful career. The department aims to provide the best platform to students and staff for their growth.


The Mission of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is:

  1. To be the epitome of academic rigour, flexible to accommodate every student and faculty for basic, current and future technologies in Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  2. Strengthening and providing support in sustaining a healthy society by improving the quality of life through the application of technology.

Program Educational Objectives For M.Tech. (CMN)
PEO1: To cater the needs of industry, R&D organizations and academia through utilizing the fundamental principles of communication system engineering.

PEO2: To develop capacity for free and objective enquiry pertaining to original research in communication system engineering at international competence level with ethical professionalism.


Program Outcomes For M.Tech. (CMN)

PO1: An ability to independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems

PO2: An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document

PO3: Students should be able to demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area as per the specialization of the program. The mastery should be at a level higher than the requirements in the appropriate bachelor program

PO4: To achieve competence in designing, analyzing and testing electronic systems for social, industrial and research applications in communication, signal processing and embedded systems.

PO5: To inculcate research attributes and approach through industry oriented internships and projects.


Program Educational Objectives For B.Tech. (ECE)

PEO1: To develop the ability among students to understand the concept of Mathematics, Physics and core electronics subjects which will facilitate understanding of new technology.
PEO2:. To provide student with a strong foundation in the engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze engineering problems and to prepare them for graduate studies, R&D, consultancy and higher learning.
PEO3: To build up skills to analyze the requirements of electronics, understand the technical specifications, design and provide novel engineering solutions and efficient product design.
PEO4: To prepare graduates who possess the necessary foundation required to take up gainful employment in core sector and allied sector or prepare them for a successful career and work professionally to meet the technical requirement of Indian and multinational companies.
PEO5: To give exposure to emerging edge technologies, adequate training and opportunities to work as team on multi disciplinary projects with effective communication skills and leadership qualities.

Program Outcomes For B.Tech. (ECE)

PO1: The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has a strong focus on providing students with a strong background in mathematics, science and engineering.The department provides students with adequate practical training by way of laboratory sessions, design and problem based learning.

PO2: Students shall participate and succeed in competitive examinations such as GATE,GRE and TOEFL,PSUs and may admit to various programs like Master of Science (Abroad/India),Master of Technology (India) and Doctor of Philosophy (India/Abroad).

PO3: Students will be able to realize their ideas with the help of„Incubation Centre‟ established within college premises and will be able to participate in National/ International level project(Design/Coding) competitions organized by Industry/Institutes.

PO4: With the help of technical and entrepreneur skills students will be able to employ appropriate techniques using hardware and software engineering tools for modern engineering applications a nd will demonstrate an ability to apply their knowledge of advanced mathematics and electronics engineering principles towards
creating new technologies that helps students to establish their own industries/ventures.

PO5: With the help of established laboratories (AMTEL MCU Centre, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Analog Laboratory) Students are working with cutting edge technology and can pursue their career in the specific areas.

PO6: By working amid project groups of various projects sponsored by DST, BARC(Govt. of India funded projects), students can participate and gain research experience which will be useful for pursuing a career in various government and private R&D centres in India and abroad.

PO7: Through the work experience gained from summer/winter training programs conducted by the expert faculties from the department and at various reputed organizations in India and Abroad, students can have up to date knowledge of the specific field and can pursue career in that field.