Ph. D. Scholars




Sr. No. Thesis Topics Name of Scholar Supervisor(s) Status
1 Tracking of ball in team sports Paresh Kamble Dr. K. M. Bhurchandi, Dr. A. G. Keskar Completed
2 Image and video compression using CIE Lab color space Samruddhi Kahu Dr. K. M. Bhurchandi Completed
3 Age estimation Manisha Parlewar Dr. K. M. Bhurchandi Completed
4 Digital image denoising using hybrid transform and spatial domain techniques Bhumika Neole Dr. K. M. Bhurchandi Completed
5 Blind image quality assessment using visual quality defining parameters Vipin Milind Kamble Dr. K. M. Bhurchandi Completed
6 Self-Learning Environment For Human Machine Interaction Using Internet Of Things (Tentative) Varun Tiwari Prof. Avinash G. Keskar Completed
7 FPGA Based Real-Time Artifical Intaligence For Defence Internet Of Things (Tentative) Nikhil B. Gaikwad Prof. Avinash G. Keskar Submitted
8 Time series prediction and applications Neeraj Bokde Prof K.D. Kulat Completed
9 Smart Water Systems for Leakage Control Aditya Gupta Prof K.D. Kulat Completed
10 Design of Negative Permittivity, Wave Absorption and Polarization Rotation Metamaterial Surfaces at Microwave Frequencies


Dushyant Subhash Marathe Prof K.D. Kulat Completed
11 Multi-Input Multi-Output-Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing Sudhir Kumar Mishra Prof K.D. Kulat Completed
12 Energy efficient clustered wireless sensor network for internet of things Khyati Shrivastava Prof K.D. Kulat Completed
13 Real time digital video transmission using cognitive radio Rupali Patil Prof K.D. Kulat Completed
14 Multi-port antennas for Cognitive Radio in UWB N. Anveshkumar Prof A S Gandhi Completed
15 Compressive sensing applications in structural health monitoring T. V. Sainath Gupta Prof A S Gandhi Completed
16 Synchronization in MIMO-OFDM systems Sandeep Singh Prof A S Gandhi Completed
17 Co-operative communication Santosh Sabat Prof A S Gandhi Submitted
18 Robust synchronization technique for chaotic communication Gauri Halde Prof A S Gandhi Completed
19 Threat detection system using conformal antenna array with beam forming and direction of arrival estimation Paritosh Peshwe Dr. Ashwin Kothari Completed
20 Antenna for body centric communication D. Srinivas Dr. Ashwin Kothari Completed
21 Co-Existence And Interoperability Of Heterogeneous IOT Devices


Akshay Kekre Dr. Ashwin Kothari Ongoing
22 Power optimization of IoT devices Pratap Gawande Dr. Ashwin Kothari Ongoing
23 Performance enhancement fo CBTC train using combedded  systems Pankaj Dakhate Dr. Ashwin Kothari Ongoing
24 Medical image processing for tissue characterization Ankush D. Jamthikar Dr. Deep Gupta Ongoing
25 Joint localisation issue in Wireless sensor networks Mayur Katwe P.H. Ghare Ongoing
26 Underwater wireless sensor network Sadanand Yadav Dr. Vinay Kumar Completed
27 Underwater wireless sensor network D. N. Sandeep Dr. Vinay Kumar Ongoing
28 Performance analysis of power line communication systems Neelima Agrawal Dr. Prabhat Sharma Completed
29 Full duplex wireless communication systems Prasanna D. Raut Dr. Prabhat Sharma Completed
30 Performance Analysis of Diffusive Molecular communication system Lokendra Chauhan Dr. Prabhat Sharma Submitted
31  Photoacoustic imaging for breast cancer detection  Prabhakar Rao Dr. Saugata Sinha Submitted
32  Photoacoustic signal processing for tissue characterisation Nikita Rathi Dr. Saugata Sinha Submitted
33 Pattern Recognition in Medical Imaging Nikhil Dhengre Dr. Saugata Sinha Ongoing
34 Image and Video Compression Cheggoju Naveen Dr. V. R. Satpute Completed
35 Image Cryptography Saiyma Fatima Raza Dr. V. R. Satpute Completed
36 IoT Based Smart Farming Neha Nawandar Dr. V. R. Satpute Completed
37 Design and Analysis of IMPATT diode using different materials Girish Chandra Ghivela Dr. Joydeep Sengupta Completed
38 Cross Layer Performance of Full Duplex Wireless Communication Anshul Maloo Dr. Prabhat Sharma Ongoing
39 Game Theoretic Analysis of Molecular Communication Systems Sunil Kumar Dr. Prabhat Sharma

Dr. M. R. Bhatnagar (IIT Delhi)

40 Quantum Communications Chetan Waghmare Dr. A. G. Kothari Ongoing