Research And Projects



Research /Expertise:

1) Wireless Communication System

2) RF Communication & Design

3) Wireless Sensor N/W

4) Embedded Systems/Robotics/Automation

5) Image/ Signal Processing, Computer Vision

6) Soft Computing

7) Health Monitoring and Assistive Technologies

8) Antenna Design

List of Ph.D. Completed between 2011-2017 click here- 


Current Research Projects  As PI/Co-PI & Grants In INR

1 A G Keskar, A G Kothari Center of Excellence In Commbedded Systems: Phase I:500 L, Phase II:80 L, 300 L for Mentoring COE NIT 300 Lacs
2 K M Bhurchandi Digital Dental Restoration System 42 Lacs
3 V Kumar, J Sengupta A Testbed based on MI Communication for Agricultural Application 41 Lacs
4 Vinay Kumar Under Water Wireless Sensor Networks Using MI Communication 25 Lacs
5 Prabhat Sharma Full duplex wireless communication 23.16 Lacs
6 Prabhat Sharma Bi-direction Visible Light Communication System 26.62 Lacs
7 Saugata Sinha Development of a dual-mode photoacoustic & Ultrasound imaging  for detection of Breast Cancer 38 Lacs




1. Advanced Wireless Communication Technologies: A PHY-layer perspective (12-12-2016 to 17-12-2016) Foreign Faculty: Prof. Theodoros Tsiftsis, Host Faculty: Dr. Prabhat Sharma

2. Fundamentals of Optical Wireless Communication (14-01-2018 to 19-01-2018) Foreign Faculty: Prof. Julian Cheng, Host Faculty: Dr. Prabhat Sharma

3. Advanced Medical Imaging: Wireless Endoscopy Analysis (02-01-2018 to 06-01-2018) Foreign Faculty: Prof. Petia Radeva, Host Faculty: Dr. Deep Gupta

4. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI): Methods and Applications for Medical Imaging (22-10-2018 to 26-10-2018) Foreign Faculty: Prof. Bharat Biswal, Host Faculty: Dr.V. R. Satpute, Dr. Saugata Sinha