1. Students must always carry their Identity Cards with them, especially when they move out of their Hostels/ Married Student Accommodations.
  2. No student shall disobey any order issued by the Institute, Head of the Department/Centre, Faculty Advisor, Chief Warden, Warden, Assistant Warden, Coordinator First Year B.Tech/B.Arch. classes, Advisors of various activities and Teachers. They must behave with due decorum towards their Teachers and fellow students. Girl students must be shown due consideration in this respect.
  3. No student shall indulge in any form of ragging of the fresher students, causing mental or physical agony or inflict monetary loss to them, harass them or indulge in any kind of obscenity, vulgarity or violence with them. Students found involved in any form of ragging are liable to severe disciplinary action, and shall be punishable under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code 1860.
  4. Students have no right to deny mess, club and other facilities to other students. The use of any such facility can be withdrawn only by the proper authorities.
  5. Students should not indulge in any type of unkind, indecent behaviour towards new entrants in the Departments, hostels, messes, sections or any other places. Students indulging in any unseemly behaviour towards new entrants will render themselves liable to strict disciplinary action as per clause (3).
  6. Students should not indulge in violence of any kind with fellow students, employees including teaching staff of the Institute, and outsiders within or outside the Institute.
  7. Students must not take the law in their own hands but must report any grievance to the teacher, Faculty advisor, Head of Department/Centre, the Chief Warden, Warden, Assistant Warden or other Officers as the case may be. Indulgence in violence by any student or group of students will render them liable to strict disciplinary action.
  8. Students are not allowed to become members of outside societies or allowed to join discussions of a political nature or to take part in any political activity without prior
    permission of the Institute.
  9. Students are not permitted to consume or take alcoholic drinks and harmful drugs likeĀ Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), Ganja, Charas etc. within the Institute campus including their Hostels/Married Student Accommodations or outside in any restaurant/bar inNagpur or on outside official visits such as training/tour/camp/field work etc. Any infringement of this order or visiting any place declared out of bounds to students will result in disciplinary action against the students concerned.
  10. Students are warned against incurring debts or committing irregularities in financial matters. In all such cases, which tend to bring discredit to the Institute, disciplinary action will be taken. The Institute, however, will in no way be responsible for such debts or irregularities.
  11. No meeting of the students, other than those organized under the aegis of the various recognized students activities, shall be called and held without the prior permission in writing from the Dean (SW).
  12. No meeting/function within the Institute campus at VNIT Nagpur to which any outsider is invited shall be organized nor shall any outsider be allowed to address the students without the prior permission in writing from the Dean (SW)/Head of the Department/Centre.
  13. No theatrical performance, dance or show of any kind shall be allowed either within or outside the Institute Campus/Hostels/Married Student Accommodations in the name of any society of the students except with the prior permission in writing from the Dean of Students’ Welfare, who may prescribe the terms and conditions for such performance.
  14. No student shall by words spoken or written or by sign or visible representation or through internet or website or SMS offend or insult a fellow student or any Teacher of the Institute or any employee or Officer of the Institute. (Any form of ragging will also constitute an act of insult or offence on the person who is ragged).
  15. No student shall misappropriate, prefer false claim for financial assistance of any kind (indulge in financial irregularity of any kind), mutilate, disfigure or otherwise destroy or damage any property of the Institute including furniture, books, equipment, apparatus, building etc.
  16. No student shall Keep/drive motor driven vehicle (car, motor cycle, scooter etc.) for commuting inside VNIT campus during his/her stay at VNIT. However, married students residing in Married Student Accommodations may be allowed to keep and use a motor driven vehicle with the specific approval.
  17. Students must pay all Institute, Mess, Club, Hostel/Married Student Accommodations and other dues on or before the stipulated dates. If they do not do so, they render themselves liable to various penalties mentioned in the relevant instructions.
  18. Students must take care of and protect all Institute/hostel property. Any damage to Institute/hostel property due to improper use or negligence will have to be made good by the students concerned. Students must use the Institute/hostel furniture arid fittings with due care and must not deface buildings, roads, furniture, fittings etc. in any manner. Not only the cost of the damaged Institute/hostel property will be recovered from the student (s) concerned, but disciplinary action shall also be taken.
  19. The campus in time for boys is 10.00 pm.