Students’ Messes

  1. There are a number of messes on contract basis in the Institute. Each mess is run by an individual hostel mess Committee with Warden/s as its Chairman and consisting of Mess Secretary, hostel secretary and other Councillors as members. Students must follow the mess rules and observe the highest traditions of dignity, decency and cleanliness in the mess. The Warden is authorized to deal with any act of indiscipline by the students in the mess.
  2. A Coordination Committee of hostel messes under the chairmanship of Chief Warden is the apex body for the management of all hostel messes. This committee is also known as mess operation committee, which comprises of Chief Warden, Warden Girls’ hostel, one warden from boys hostel and Assistant Registrar (Hostels) as permanent members along with the concerning warden of that hostel and Two Students’ Council members.
  3. Membership of the mess connected to each hostel is compulsory for the students, residing in the hostels unless exempted to the extent permitted by the instructions in force. Prior permission must be obtained for any exemption by applying to the Chief Warden through Warden.
  4. If any student exempted from dining in the mess, if found there dining without permission, will be liable to pay the mess charges for the full month and will also be liable to disciplinary action.
  5. The students are required to pay the Institute dues and the subsidiary dues including mess advance immediately on the opening of the Institute after summer/winter break on the day of registration to be fixed by the Institute. Any balance of Mess dues shall have to be paid along with the next semester Mess advance.
  6. The mess establishment is regulated and controlled by the Warden / Chief Warden / AR(H). In case of any complaint arising out of the behaviour of mess staff, a student should not deal with the matter himself but report it to the Warden who will initiate necessary action in the matter.


  • The Institute reserves the Rights to revise the Rules & Regulations, Terms & Conditions from time to time and will keep the residents informed of any changes in the form of memoranda and/or notices on the Notice Boards.
  • A resident residing at any of the hostel under the purview of this institution is governed by the rules and regulations herein mentioned.
  • Residents found breaking any Rules & Regulations, Terms & Conditions at any hostel(s) under the purview of this institute are liable for expulsion from the hostel / disciplinary action.