UG-First Year (B.Tech/B.Arch)

 Course: HUL101 Communication Skills

 Course Co-ordinator- Dr.M.Ghosal

Unit 1: Energy

  • Oil
  • Nuclear Preparation
  • Alternative Sources                     

Unit 2: Computers

  • Introducing Computers
  • New Frontiers
  • Computers in India

Unit 3: Technology

  • Appropriate Technology
  • Printing
  • Evaluating Technology

Unit 4: Environment

  • Pollution
  • Ecology
  • Our living Environment

Unit 5: Industry

  • Personnel and Production
  • Safety and Training
  • Selling Products

Text Book:

A Textbook of English for Engineers and Technologists—-Orient Longman.

Reference Book:

  1. A University Grammar of English –R.Quirk & S.Greenbaum
  2. English GrammarN.Krishnaswamy (Longman Publication) (Macmillan India).

Course: HUL102 Social Science (For B.Tech First Year)

  • Applied Humanities and Human Engineering
  1. Meaning, scope and general utility of social sciences to engineers.
  2. Different subject in social sciences.
  3. Society, its type, characteristics and problems.
  •  Fundamental concept in social science
  1. Culture-Types, Characteristics, Merit, demerit and some related terms  of culture.
  2. Social structure and social system.
  3. Socialization and social stratification.
  4. Family and marriage institutions in India.
  5. Social control and social change
  •  Industrialization and society
  1. Industrial psychology and industrial democracy.
  2. Environment in industry.
  3. Fatigue of workers.
  4. Motivation, selection and training of workers.
  • The study of  political orientation.Major social problem in India.
  1. Indian constitution and federal system.
  2. fundamental rights and directive principles.
  3. Legislative measures for labor welfare.
  4. Beaurocracy in India.
  • Major social problem in India.
  1. Over population.
  2. Poverty.
  3. Slums.
  4. Family Disorganization (divorce)
  5. Corruption.

Text Books-

1. A New Look into Social Sciences,Sheikh Sabir, A.M.Shiekh and Jaya Dwadshiwar,Sage Publication New Delhi.
2. Social Problems in India, Ram Ahuja, Rawat Publication New Delhi.

Reference Book-

  1. Labour Problems and  Social Welfare,R.C.Saxsena, Prakashan Kendra, Lucknow.

For Higher Semester

Sr. Course Slot Course-coordinator
1 HUL409   Psychology and ED A Dr.Y.M.Deshpande
2 HUL407 India Studies B Dr.Y.M.Deshpande
3 HUL 169 Culture and Society E Dr.Y.M.Deshpande
4 HUL405 Industrial Economics A Dr.G.N.Nimbarte
5 HUL-403-Psychology and HRM B Dr.Y.M.Deshpande
6 HUL401 Psychology and Management E Dr.Y.M.Deshpande
7 HUL404 Industry and Society A Dr.G.N.Nimbarte


For PG

Sr. Course Slot Course-coordinator
1 HUL605 Indian writings in English History And major trend A Dr.M.Ghosal
2 Gender Studies E Dr.M.Ghosal
3 Social Assessment and Behavior B Dr.Y.M.Deshpande
4 Tech. Communication (M.Tech/Ph.D) E Dr.M.Ghosal