Campus Information

Sr.No.General InfrastructureDetails
1 Total Area in Acres215.26 Acres
2 Built-up Area80235 Sq.Mtr.
3 Office Space
 Administrative Block2453 Sq.Mtr.
 Academic Block34471 Sq.Mtr.
 Other blocks such as –
 Boys Hostel16090 Sq.Mtr.
 Girls Hostel4980 Sq.Mtr.
 Auditorium1700 Sq.Mtr.
 Gymnasium835 Sq.Mtr.
 Sports23541 Sq.Mtr.
 Health Centre311 Sq.Mtr.
 Faculty Housing10613 Sq.Mtr.
 Supporting Staff Housing3500 Sq.Mtr.
 Guest House1930 Sq.Mtr.
 Community Shops90 Sq.Mtr.
 Clubs325 Sq.Mtr.
4 Lecture TheatresNil
5 Number of Class Rooms50
6 Stocks in Library
 Number of Books90838
 Periodicals etc.9096
7 Laboratory Details
 Approximate Area315 Sq.Mtr.
 Seating Capacity30
8 Seminar / Conference Hall
 Number 10
 Approximate Area 100 Sq.Mtr.
 Seating Capacity 25
9 Sports Facilities 32541 Sq.Mtr.
10 Recreation facilities 100 Sq.Mtr.
11 Community Shops 90 Sq.Mtrs.
12 Details of Transport Facilities 4 vehicles in running condition
13 Guest House
 Capacity 36
 Area 1930 Sq.Mtr.