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Applied Mechanics

Sr. No.Name of FacultyPatent TitleApplication No. with datePresent status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1Dr. A Y Vyavahare

Dr. A Tiwari

Dr. A Dhabale

Dr. A Kothari

International Force Measuring Device for Prismatic RC member201621038163Applied
2Dr. A Y Vyavahare

Dr. A Tiwari

Dr. A Dhabale

Dr. A Kothari

Strain Guage Calibration Device201621038353Applied
3Dr. R S SonparotePre-tensioned Precast Concrete Pavement4843/MUM/2015




Sr. No.Name of FacultyPatent titleApplication No. with datePresent status


Chemical Engineering

Sr. No.TitleFacultyCollaborative DetailsStatusYearPatent Licence ID
1.A Process for Ionic Liquid Based Catalytic Conversion of Cellulose to Fuel ProductsDr. A. P. Gaikwad, Dr. Saikat ChakrabortyIIT KharagpurGranted2019314202

456/KOL/2013 (Application No.)

2.Development of Packing Material for Liquid-Liquid ExtractionDr. S. S. SonawaneVNITGranted2019317858
3.An Automated Apparatus For Esterification Of A Liquid- Liquid SystemAmol Abhay Bhusari

Dr. Bidyut Mazumdar

Dr. Ajit P. Rathod

Prof. Bhagyashri Dharaskar



4.Process for coating of metal and metal oxides on hollow ceramic microspheresD. Z. Shende, K. L. WasewarVNITGranted2019201621034195
5.Multi-core reactor for the production of liquid hydrocarbons, CNTs and hydrogen-rich gases


Dr. R. P. VijayakumarGanesh S. Bajad (PhD Student

Ajay G. Gupta (B. Tech Student

6.Cenosphere supported a metal catalyst for hydrogenation of 2- Ethylanthraquinone in hydrogen peroxide synthesisDr. D. Z. Shende, Dr. K. L. WasewarVNITFiled and Published2018201821001185
7.A hydrogenation catalyst and a process thereofDr. D.Z. Shende, Dr. K. L. WasewarVNITFiled and Published2018201821004343
8.Disinfectant and method for its preparation and useDr.Mandavgane

S. A, Dr. Mishra Neeraj,

Dr.Deopujari. J

9.Method for converting biomass to hydrogen rich syngas in a two-stage processDr. A. S. ChaurasiaVNITGranted2017201621041388 A/MUM/2017
10.Development of Improved PastaDr. S. S. SonawaneDr. Vishal Parate


12.Development of Metal Ions Adsorbent from Cajanus Cajan (Tur Dal) HuskDr. S. S. SonawaneDr. Vishal ParateGranted2017201621008676, C.B.R.No. 4446
13.Synthesis of cynosphere supported catalyst by different precursors for esterification reactionsDr. S. S. Sonawane Dr. A. P. Rathod Vishal S.UICT, NMU, JalgaonFiled2017201721007862A (07/03/2017)
14.Process for recovery for Caproic Acid from aqueous solutionDr. D.Z. Shende, Dr. K.L. WasewarVNITFiled2016201621006145A (23/02/2016)
15.Separation and recovery of Acrylic Acid from aqueous solution using natural oilsDr. D.Z. Shende, Dr. K.L. WasewarVNITFiled2016201621034582A (10/10/2016)
16.A process for making a dual substrate filter materialDr. S. A. MandavganeVNITGranted2015272399
17.An ambiphilic, mesoporous catalyst of agricultural origin and a process for making the sameDr. S. A. MandavganeVNITGranted2015271794
18.Process for receovery of Caproic Acid from Aqueous solutionsDr. D. Z. Shende and Dr. K. L. WasewarVNITFiled2015Docket No. 4521

201621006145 dated 23/02/2016

19.A process for extraction and purification of safranalDr. P. B. DhamoleVNITFiled20151663/MUM/2015 A


            Sr. No.Name of the Faculty Patent Title  Application

No. with date

Present status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1R V Ralegaonkar

V A Mhaisalkar

R S Bapat

Sustainable Renewable Resource Management (SRRM) Tool for Design of Sustainable Buildings(Diary No.-13778/2015-CO/SW)Registration No. SW-8995/2017
2R V Ralegaonkar

V A Dakwale

Carbon Minus Building Design (CAMIBLD) Tool(Diary No.-13779/2015-CO/SW)Registration No. SW-8996/2017

Computer Science & Engineering

Sr. No.Name of the FacultyPatent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1.Dr. Praveen KumarSYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PERFORMING SURVEILLANCE OF AN AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE (ATM)”.201611009410 filed on 21st March 2016Pending for Examination

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Sr. No.Name of Faculty Patent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1.Dr.M.K.KhedkarHybrid Solar Energy Storage Device (HSESD)201621000237 filed on 05/01/2016Filed
2M. S. Ballal and H. M. SuryawanshiStandardization of three phases four wire meter as two phase four wire meter for traction metering201721001242Published


3M. S. Ballal and H. M. SuryawanshiBreather condition monitoring system for transformers (brecoms-t)201621041390Published



4M. S. Ballal and H. M. SuryawanshiTransformer test bench (ttb)201621026428Published


5M. S. Ballal and H. M. SuryawanshiModel for the analysis of different faults/ abnormal condition of transformer and Induction Motor201621021851




6B. S. Umre,

S M Mutha

Automatic Air Blast Flushing of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)201621011748


7B. S. Umre,

S M Mutha

Oscillating Quiescent Point in Power Amplifier Biasing201621014903


8B. S. Umre,

S M Mutha

Auxilary square wave excitation for core capacity enhancement of the transformer201621014904


9Dr. Mrs. M. A. Chaudhari, Dr. M. M. Renge, Mr. Chaitanya JibhakateTitle “Reactive Power compensation using Induction Motor Drive”,Application No. 201721000392

date 18/1/2017

10Dr. M.S.Ballal


Status monitoring apparatus for reactor and transformer (SMART). 18/2016


11Dr. M.S.Ballal


Hybrid control of resonant converter for dc grid applications.08/2016



Electronics and Communication Engineering

Sr. No.Name of Faculty Patent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1Dr. Saugata Sinha,

Dr. Joydeep Sengupta,

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Design and implementation of wireless optical communication transmitter

and receiver modules for indoor environment

201621020527 A


2Prof. P. H. GhareWireless Health Monitoring SystemFiled
3Dr. Joydeep Sengupta

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Design and Implementation of Wireless Optical Communication Transmitter and Receiver Modules for Indoor EnvironmentJune2016


4Dr. Joydeep Sengupta

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Design and Implementation of physiological health monitoring wearable deviceMarch2017




5Dr. Joydeep Sengupta

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Design and Implementation of physiological health monitoring wearable device March2017Filed
6Dr. A. G. KothariInternal force measuring device201621038163 & 28/05/2016In process
7Dr. A. G. KothariStrain gauge calibration device201621038353 & 28/05/2016In process
8Dr. A. G. KothariAutomated posture tracking and analysis system201621016029 & 07/11/2016In process

Mechanical Engineering

Sr. NoName of FacultyPatent Title


Application No.

with date

Present Status (if awarded. Patent No.)
1Dr.A. M. Kuthe,

D. S. Ingole


Method for fabrication of dies preferably less than one cubic feet volumetric in dimension using sand casting253363 , 16 July 2012




2Dr. P. M. Padole and

Dr. A. V. Vanalkar

Design & Development of Stirrup making machine240/MUM/2002 dt. ,11/3/2002




3Dr. P. M. Padole,

Dr. P. G. Patil and K. M. Paralikar

Double Roller Gin With Improved Power Transmission Mechanism For Roller And Beater925/MUM/2004 dt. ,03/08/2004 (210924)Published


4Dr. P.M. Padole, Dr. S. A. Deshmukh, Sravani L., and Dr. Sunita ShrivastavAn Innovative Flexi Force Palatovision Appliance For Evaluation Of Tongue Pressure2016


5Dr. P. M. Padole , Dr. A. V. Vanalkar and B R MahajanVane Engine




6Dr. S. B. Thombre


Solar water heater flat plate collector absorber having semicircular sectioned riser tubes with integral fins457/MUM/2013


7Dr. Y M Puri, Vikas GohilMethod and Apparatus for Electrical Discharge Turning







8Dr. Y M Puri, Diwesh B Meshram


Linear-Curved Electrical Discharge Machine (LCM)







9Dr. Y M Puri


Method for Manufacturing of Thin Porous Metal Membrane using EDM and WEDM201621028405 (application no.)





10Dr. Y M Puri


Method and Apparatus for Electrical Discharge Machining A Curved Hole1505/MUM/2012


11D.B. Zodpe

A. S. Dhoble,

V. B. Gawande,

Rib design for thermal performance enhancement in roughened solar air heater24th June 2016


12Atul B. Andhare, Anil Madhukarrao Onkar


Mechanism For Transferring Load Horizontally And Vertically And Vice Versa2982/MUM/2014 A


13Rashmi Uddanwadiker, Piyush Ukey, Prashant Naik, Prashant Jain


3D Printed Artificial Temporal Bone and process of making the same201621041387Awating
14Rashmi Uddanwadiker, Shubham Ramteke, Aneesh Kale, Gaurav Gupta, Rajendra SaojiSplit type Gastrostomy Feeding device




15Rashmi Uddanwadiker, Chetan Kuthe, Rima Nandurkar, Alankar RamtekeTechnique to quantify recovery post surgery/trauma/treatment




16Rashmi Uddanwadiker, Sukhada Joshi, Jugal ShahFeeding Bottle for Cleft Palate Babies




17Rashmi Uddanwadiker, Subhash Lulay, Jugal Shah, Apurva Sharan, M.R. RahulSurgical Forceps for osteotomy of Nasal Bone






18Rashmi Uddanwadiker, V.C Bhujade, Jitesh DeshmukhMulti-purpose Frying machine






19R. V. Uddanwadiker, Subhash Lulay, Nikhil Adhe, Adwait Inamdar, Sourabh ShendeIndigenously Manufactured Nasal Implants suitable for Indian Demography






20R.V. Uddanwadiker, Raghvendra VhanbhatteTorsion testing equipment for dental archwires used for crooked teeth2228/MUM/2014




21R.V. Uddanwadiker, Pramod Padole


Ergonomically designed foot and hand operated workstation for making agarbatti761/MUM/2013




22R.V. UddanwadikerErgonomic Design and Fabrication of roasting mechanism for small scale industries and household purpose2333/MUM/2013




23A.S.Dhoble, D.B.Zodpe



Rib design for thermal performance enhancement in roughened solar air heaterFiled on 24th June 2016




24A. S. Dhoble

Sandeep Joshi


Solar Photovoltaic Thermal system with cocnut oil and silicone oil as spectrum filtersFiled on 4 October 2016




25S.S. Chiddarwar R. Thakker, A. Kamat, S. Bhambre,  K.M. BhurchandiRapid Reconfigurable Modular Robot System






26Mayur V. Andulkar, Shital S. Chiddarwar


Method of generating trajectory for treating a surface for use in a robotic device1681/MUM/2015




27Abhishek Jha, Shital S. Chiddarwar


Method for extracting optimal trajectory from multiple demonstrations in a robotic systemE-101/36522/2016-MUM




28Chiddarwar Shital Sudhakar, Hattarge Swapnil Sudarshan, Shahu Pravin, Kapgate Sachin Damodar, Agrawal Sapan Santosh, Patath KartikRobotic Cleaning System for Internal Cleaning of a Unit


CBR Number 37802




29H. P. JawaleRotating Gear Shifter Mechanism3248/MUM/2013 dt. Oct. 10, 2013Filed
30H. P. Jawale


Special Roller Follower for motion in plane parallel to cam plane1574/MUM/2014 dt. May 06, 2014Filed


31H. P. Jawale


Four Wheel Drive and Steering Mechanism


1339/MUM/2014 dt. April 11, 2014Filed


32H. P. Jawale


Gas Gun for High velocity Impact


2244/MUM/2015 dt. June 24, 2015Filed


33H. P. Jawale


Multipurpose Trolley


Filed, 2016




34Mangesh S. Kotambkar, Ajinkya S. Khade, Yash V. BorghateDevice to restrict the unwanted reverse motion of vehicles






35Ravikumar Dumpala, B. Ramamoorthy and M.S. Ramachandra Rao


Graded Nano And Micro-Cystalline Composite Diamond Coatings For Load-Bearing Tribological Applications4227/CHE/2013 dt. Sep 20, 2013


Request For Examination Date


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Sr. No.Name of Faculty Patent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1.Dr. D.R. Peshwe“Effectiveness of optimized Cryo-treatment on Polymer Composites”1724/MUM/2014

16 May 2014