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Applied Mechanics

      Sr. No.Name of facultyPatent titleApplication no. with datePresent Status

(if awarded, patent No.)

1Dr. M. D. Goel and Nishant Singh ChoudharyConed Sacrificial Tube for Blast and Crashworthiness Applications349979-001In Evaluation Stage
2Dr. M. D. Goel and Nishant Singh ChoudharyConed and Grooved Sacrificial Tube for Blast and Crashworthiness Applications349983-001In Evaluation Stage




Name of FacultyPatent TitleApplication No. with DatePresent Status

(if awarded, Patent No.)

1.Dr. Anupama Kumar,

Dr. Sachin A. Mandavgane

Process For Isolation And Recovery of Antioxidant SubstancesApplication Number-202121009354, Filing Date-05/03/2021.Awarded, Patent No. 386817
2.Dr. Sandipan HalderA Process for The Synthesis of Highly Functionalized 2,5-Disubstituted Tetrahydrofuran Derivatives201921036987, 13/09/2019Granted
3.Dr. Sandipan Halder“Process for The Synthesis of 1,1,2-Tricarbonitrile Derivatives”202021010769 A, 13/03/2020Published
4.Dr. Anupama Kumar, Dr. Sachin A. MandavganeBiorefinery Process, Components Thereof And Products TherefromApplication No-202121036916

Filing Date-14/08/2021

Filed, FER completed
5.Girish Korekar,Chetana Ugale,

Dr. Anupama Kumar

Pollen Based Bioadsorbent Preparation and Removal of Heavy Metals From WaterApplicationNo.202021003467

Filling Date-27th January,2020


Chemical Engineering

Sr. No.

Name of Faculty

Patent Title

Collaborative Details



Patent Licence ID


Dr Shriram S Sonawane, Parag Thakur, Malika Mudaliar, Aaditee PargaonkarA process for sulfur removal from mill rejects of thermal power plantVNITFiled and Published2022202221047477


Dr. Shriram S Sonawane, Parag Thakur, Malika Mudaliar, Aaditee PargaonkarA hybrid nanofluid based drilling fluid and method of preparationVNITFiled and Published2022202221050711


Dr. Shriram S Sonawane, Parag Thakur, Malika Mudaliar, Aaditee PargaonkarDevelopment of Novel Process for microreactor-based Extraction of Heavy Antimony using ionic liquid-based Hybrid NanofluidsVNITFiled and Published2022


Dr.S.S.Sonawane, Vishal R. Parate, Dr.Mohammed I. Talib, Dr. Ajit P. RathodDevelopment of Metal Ions Adsorbent from Cajanus Cajan (Tur Dal) HuskVNITGranted2021357196


Dr. Diwakar Z. ShendeA Method for Synthesis of Syntactic AdsorbentVNITGranted20212021102960


Dr. A. S. ChaurasiaMethod for converting biomass to hydrogen rich syngas in a two-stage processVNITGranted2021356848


Dr. S. S. Sonawane, Dr. A. P. Rathod, Vishal S. Chandane, Vishal S. ParateSynthesis of cenosphere supported catalyst by different precursors for esterification reactionsVNITGranted2020353709


Tejas Bhongade, Gogaram, Deepak M. Gautam, Dr. R. P. VijayakumarProcess for the synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes using waste toner powderVNITFiled2020202021016528


Prashil K. Narnaware, Dr. C.RavikumarA method of preparing iron oxide nanoparticles of controlled-shapes and a tunable sizeVNITFiled2019201921036489


Dr. A. P. Gaikwad, Dr. Saikat ChakrabortyA Process for Ionic Liquid Based Catalytic Conversion of Cellulose to Fuel ProductsIIT KharagpurGranted2019314202 456/KOL/2013


Dr. S. S. SonawaneDevelopment of Packing Material for Liquid-Liquid ExtractionVNITGranted2019317858


Amol Abhay Bhusari, Dr. Bidyut Mazumdar, Dr. Ajit P. Rathod, Prof. Bhagyashri DharaskarAn Automated Apparatus For Esterification Of A Liquid- Liquid SystemNIT RaipurFiled2019201921005676A


D. Z. Shende, K. L. WasewarProcess for coating of metal and metal oxides on hollow ceramic microspheresVNITGranted2019201621034195


Dr. R. P. Vijayakumar, Dr. Ganesh S. Bajad, Ajay G. GuptaMulti-core reactor for the production of liquid hydrocarbons, CNTs and hydrogen-rich gasesVNITGranted2019201621018395


Dr. D. Z. Shende, Dr. K. L. WasewarCenosphere supported a metal catalyst for hydrogenation of 2- Ethylanthraquinone in hydrogen peroxide synthesisVNITFiled and Published2018201821001185


Dr. D.Z. Shende, Dr. K. L. WasewarA hydrogenation catalyst and a process thereofVNITFiled and Published2018201821004343


Dr.Mandavgane S. A., Dr. Mishra Neeraj, Dr.Deopujari. JDisinfectant and method for its preparation and useVNITGranted2017280259


Dr. S. S. Sonawane, Dr. Vishal ParateDevelopment of Improved PastaVNITGranted2017TEMP/E-1/5734/2017-MUM


Dr. D.Z. Shende, Dr. K.L. WasewarProcess for recovery for Caproic Acid from aqueous solutionVNITFiled2016201621006145A (23/02/2016)


Dr. D.Z. Shende, Dr. K.L. WasewarSeparation and recovery of Acrylic Acid from aqueous solution using natural oilsVNITFiled2016201621034582A (10/10/2016)


Dr. S. A. MandavganeA process for making a dual substrate filter materialVNITGranted2015272399


Dr. S. A. MandavganeAn ambiphilic, mesoporous catalyst of agricultural origin and a process for making the sameVNITGranted2015271794


Dr. D. Z. Shende and Dr. K. L. WasewarProcess for receovery of Caproic Acid from Aqueous solutionsVNITFiled2015Docket No. 4521 201621006145 dated 23/02/2016


Dr. P. B. DhamoleA process for extraction and purification of safranalVNITFiled20151663/MUM/2015 A


Dr. S. S. SonawaneDevelopment of Novel Al2O3 and OMMT nano packing material for Liquid-Liquid ExtractionVNITPublished20142155/Mum/2014,C.B.R. No: 10574

Civil Engineering

Sr. No.Name of FacultyPatent TitleApplication No. with DatePresent Status

(if awarded, Patent No.)

1.Dr. Y. B. KatpatalA process for water quality Assessment through implementation of cyclical hierarchical modeling Based DSS module1621/MUM/2011 Filed on 01/06/2011Granted on 17/05/2021 Patent No.: 366863
2.Dr. A. R. TembhurkarAdsorbent Developed from Elephantopus Scaber plant for Adsorption of Fluoride from WaterApplication No. 201841046232

Date 23/12/2018

3.Dr. A. R. TembhurkarSelf-Healing of Cracks of Cementitious Materials through Bacillus Cereus Mh510336.Application No 201921013556

Date 11/04/2019

4.Dr. R. V. Ralegaonkar,

H R Gavali

Sustainable alkali-activated bricks and method of preparation thereof201821045997, dated 06/12/18370312
5.Dr. R. V. Ralegaonkar,

Shashi Ram

Application of co-fired blended ash for the development of bricks201721017816, dated 21/5/2017381496
6.Dr. R V Ralegaonkar,

Dr. M V Latkar,

Dr. T Chakrabarty

Application of Green Solution for improving the mechanical properties of construction materials3209/MUM/2015, dated 21/8/2015Granted on 22/09/2021, Patent No. 377613
7.Dr. R V Ralegaonkar,

V V Sakhare

Replacement of sand using bio-briquette ash and method of making the bricks2055/MUM/2015, dated 12/6/2015381608
9.Dr. M. V. LatkarComposition of Bacterial Solution for Biocementation to Improve Mechanical Properties of Cementitious Materials201721046020

Date of filing: 21/12/2017

Granted on 25/08/2021, patent No. 375269
10.Dr. M. V. LatkarA composition of bacterial solution for biocementation and method of preparation thereof202121036323

Date of filing: 11/08/2021

In order for grant under section 43, awaiting NBA approval
11.Dr. A. PatelLow cost mechanically operated automated laboratory soil compactorApplication No. 201721043983Granted

Patent No. 382115

12.Dr. A. PatelA method for preparation of a plastic-coated natural fibre for geotechnical applicationsApplication No. 202221000220 Dated 03/01/2022Filed
13.Dr. Swapnil WanjariIn-situ compressive testing machine201621024081 dated 14/07/2016Granted 373292 dated on 30/07/2021

Computer Science & Engineering

Sr. No.Name of the FacultyPatent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1.Dr. Praveen KumarSYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PERFORMING SURVEILLANCE OF AN AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE (ATM)”.201611009410 filed on 21st March 2016Pending for Examination
2.Anshul AgarwalA System for Detection and Identification of Fault in Thermostatically Controlled Loads20192108242, Filing Date: 07/05/2019Filed
3.Anshul AgarwalMethod for Allocating Sensors in a Building20192108534

Filing Date: 09/05/2019


Electrical Engineering

Sr. No.Name of Faculty Patent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1.Dr. Mohan V. Aware, V. B. VirulkarFlicker load generator for ascertaining the performance of flicker mitigation technique(P. No. 361672, 405/MUM/2014)Awarded (2021)
2Dr. Mohan V. Aware, Swapnajeet PattnaikA)    Development of Pizo- wheel for the Electrical Vehicle(P. No. 388283, 3398/MUM/2014).Awarded (2022)
3Dr. Mohan V. Aware,

M. Waghmare,

Dr. B.S.Umre,

Dr. Mrs. M.A. Chaudhari

A)      A system for multi-phase power conversion from single-phase alternating current supplyApplication No.  202221003694 dt. 25/02/2022Published
4Dr. Mohan V. AwareA)      DC-DC Boost Converter with Symmetrical Average Current Control with Low Current Ripple and Enhanced Dynamic Response.Application. No. 202141047454, dt. 19/10/2021Published
5Dr. M S Ballal, Dr. H M SuryawanshiStandardization of Three Phases Four Wire Meter as Two Phase Four Wire Meter for Traction Metering201721001242




6Dr. M S Ballal,

Dr. H M Suryawanshi

Breather Condition Monitoring System For Transformers201621041390




7Dr. M S Ballal,

Dr. H M Suryawanshi

Digital Error Compensation of Industrial Energy Measurement System19/06/2021Granted


8Dr. M S Ballal,

Dr. H M Suryawanshi

Application of SIPS for Effective Management of Power20.01.22Granted


9Dr. M. S. Ballal,

Dr. G. Jaiswal

Intelligent condition monitoring system for   distributed transformer25/08/2021Granted


10Dr. M. S. BallalOnline error compensation methodology for utilities and industrial metering system2840/Mum/2013




11Dr. M. S. BallalA system for monitoring, controlling, metering  and protection of distributed generation1502/Mum/2014




12Dr. M. S. BallalSolar Energy Management for Agriculture and Rural Transformation (SMART)07.06.2021Granted


13Dr. M. S. Ballal,

Dr. V. S. Kale

A power grid management system202022100304.1


14B. Obulapathi,

Dr. Makarand M. Lokhande,

Dr. M. V. Aware,

Dr. (Mrs.) Varsha Shah,

Dr. (Mrs) Vima Mali

DC-DC Boost Converter with Symmetrical Carrier Based Digital Average Current Control with Low Current Ripple and Enhanced Dynamic Response(29/10/2021)


15Dr. Makararand M. Lokhande,

Dr. (Mrs)Varsha Shah,

Dr. (Mrs) Anindita Roy,

Sumant Sarmokadam,

Dr. P. S. Kulkarni,

Bhagyashri Dani,

LWM- Solar Cooker: Simple Low Cost Light Weight Modular Solar Cooker(12/11/2021)


16Dr Pradyumn ChaturvediA Mitigation Technique of Sympathetic Inrush Current in Smart Transformer202221012596Filed
17Dr. Ritesh Kumar Keshri“A High Torque Density Synchronous Reluctance Motor”, Indian Patent,Journal no. 04/2021, pp. 3148.Published


Electronics and Communication Engineering

Sr. No.Name of Faculty Patent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1Dr. Saugata Sinha,

Dr. Joydeep Sengupta,

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Design and implementation of wireless optical communication transmitter

and receiver modules for indoor environment

201621020527 A


2Prof. P. H. GhareWireless Health Monitoring SystemFiled
3Dr. Joydeep Sengupta

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Design and Implementation of Wireless Optical Communication Transmitter and Receiver Modules for Indoor EnvironmentJune2016Filed
4Dr. Joydeep Sengupta

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Design and Implementation of physiological health monitoring wearable deviceMarch2017Filed
5Dr. Joydeep Sengupta

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Design and Implementation of physiological health monitoring wearable device March2017Filed
6Dr. A. G. KothariInternal force measuring device201621038163 & 28/05/2016In process
7Dr. A. G. KothariStrain gauge calibration device201621038353 & 28/05/2016In process
8Dr. A. G. KothariAutomated posture tracking and analysis system201621016029 & 07/11/2016In process
9Dr. Prabhat Kumar SharmaTable-Top Hardware Implementation of 4×4 MIMO Molecular Communication SystemTEMP/E-1/40450/2019-MUMFiled

VLSI and Nanotechnology

Mechanical Engineering

Sr. NoName of FacultyPatent Title


Application No.

with date

Present Status (if awarded. Patent No.)
1Dr. Rashmi Vikram UddanwadikarIndigenously Manufactured Nasal Implants suitable for Indian Demography15/03/2022392019
2Dr. Rashmi Vikram UddanwadikarErgonomic Design And Fabrication Of Roasting Mechanism For Small Scale Industries And House Hold Purpose04/08/2021373777
3Dr. Rashmi Vikram UddanwadikarMulti-Purpose Frying Machine29/06/2021370604
4Dr. Rashmi Vikram UddanwadikarMedial Osteotomy Forceps for Nose surgery23/04/2021377470
5Dr. S.B.ThombreSolar Water Heater Flat Plate Collector Absorber Having Semicircular Sectioned Riser Tubes with Integral Fins18/02/2013378727
6Dr. Atul AndhareMechanism for transferring load horizontally and vertically and vice- versa18/09/2014373840
7Dr Hemant P. JaweleGas Gun10/06/2015358471
8Dr. Y M PuriLinear-curved electrical discharge machine (LCM)16/06/2016369057

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Sr. No.Name of Faculty Patent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1.S. Chopra,

K. Pande, D.R.Peshwe,

C.L. Gogte

Process for optimization of cryogenic treatment for medical grade UHDPE201921032010 30/08/2019Granted on: 08/10/2021
2.K. N. Pande,

M.M. Thawre,

D.R. Peshwe,

R.K. Paretkar

Effect of thickness on fatigue life of aircraft T joint component201821030784


Granted on: 17/07/2021
3.K. N. Pandeand

D. R. Peshwe

Nonisothermal Crystallization kinetics of Cryogenically treated PBT/Wollastonite Composite to assess its Reprocessing201721030404


Granted on: 20/04/2021
4. R. V. TaiwadeA process of preparation of the etchant201721012181A

05/04 2017

Patent No.: 382191

Grant date – 22.11.2021

5.M.M. ThawreCarbon Fiber Composite T-Joint component for aircraft201821030784


Patent No: 372137
6. A. K. Srivastav

D. R. Peshwe

Graphene from waste battery electrodes201821006507


Patent No.: 332793,

Awarded on February 24, 2020

7. A. K. SrivastavA process for synthesis of nanocrystalline cubic hydrogen tungsten bronze powder202121054314


Published on December 10/12/2021

Sr. No.Name of Faculty Patent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1. Dr. A. K. Agarwal

Dr. I. L. Muthreja

Utilization of coal fly ash of thermal power plant in Conjunction with chitosan for efficient removal of different heavy Metal ions and their solidification for safe solid waste disposal3619/MUM/2014Granted on 10/08/2021

Patent No. 374208

Sr. No.Name of Faculty Patent TitleApplication No. with datePresent Status (if awarded, Patent No.)
1.Dr. R. S. GedamBorosilicate glass composition embedded with CdS/TiO2 composites for Indigo carmine dye degradation202121000610 Date:- 06/01/2021Granted Patent No:-379142