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Applied Mechanics


Sr. No.Project titleFunding Agency

(with date of award)

Cost of Projects

(Rs. In lakhs)

Investigator(s)Present Status of the project
1Handbook for IS 1893 and IS 13920IIT Gandhinagar with finances through World Bank.

(May 2019)

6.06Dr O R Jaiswal

Dr R K Ingle

2Capacity Building for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation with a Special Focus on Sustainable Habitat and Risk ManagementDST


(March 2017)

115Dr. R. S. Kotharkar (PI)

Dr. Ratnesh Kumar (Co-PI)

Dr. S. M. Deshkar (Co-PI)

3Indigenous Design and Development of High Strain Rate Characterization Machine for Characterization of Soft MaterialsSERB, DST

(June 2017)

42.35Dr. M.D. GoelOngoing
4Dynamic response of deeply buried hardened structures (DBHSs) caused by surface/subsurface explosionDRDO (Delhi)

(April 2019)

27.525Dr. M. D. Goel

(PI) from VNIT

and Dr. T. Chakraborty, PI from IIT Delhi

5Comparative study of Stainless steel and TMT Rebar in concretePWD, Mumbai

(July 2019)

3.39Dr. S. S. GadveOngoing
6Optimization of module mounting structure for solar power using different structural configurationsMahindra EPC Services Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.2.44Dr R K IngleOngoing
7Evaluation of Toughcreate steel fibre concrete composite for flexural, compressive, impact strength and other relevant propertiesPrecision Drawell Pvt ltd, Nagpur2.30Dr R K IngleOngoing
8Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Precast Faced Wall-panelsM/s Paul Bricks,Tuskrete Steel Fibers, Nagpur2.50Dr R K IngleOngoing
9Conversion of Bridge (pipe / vented Culverts) to Bridge cum BandharaChief Engineer, PWD Nagpur18.6Dr R K IngleOngoing
10Development of Standardized Procedure, Design And Drawings   for Small Span Integral BridgesPWD Nagpur19.2Dr R K IngleOngoing
Sr. No.Project TitleFunding Agency

(with date of award)

Cost of Projects (Rs. In Lakhs)Investigator(s)Present status of the project
1Smart System with failure alarm system & adaptive central systemCOE, VNIT, Nagpur15.01Dr A Y Vyavahare

Dr. A Tiwari

Dr. A Dhabale

2Capacity Building for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation with a Special Focus on Sustainable Habitat and RiskDepartment of Science and Technology115.8PI: Dr. Rajashree Kotharkar,

CoPI: Dr. Ratnesh Kumar, Dr. S. M. Deshkar

Granted on 30-03-2017 (Ongoing)
3Evaluation of Toughcrete Steel Fibre – Concrete CompositesPDPL (Industry) 230.0Dr. Ratnesh Kumar, Dr. R. K. IngleOngoing

Architecture & Planning

Sr. No.Project TitleFunding Agency (with date of award) Cost of Projects

(Rs. In lakhs)

Investigator(s)Present Status of Project
1.“Capacity Building for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation with a Special Focus on Sustainable Habitat and Risk Management”DST

(March 2017)

115.Rajashree Kotharkar

Ratnesh Kumar

Sameer Deshkar

2.Evolving strategies for mitigating urban heat island in Nagpur using ‘Local Climate Zones’ and Human Thermal Stress.DST

(April 2014)

29Rajashree Kotharkar

Sarika Bahadure

3Socio-Ecological Resilience as Sustainable Development Strategies under the context of Emerging Disaster Risk for Rural Settlements in different Climatic Zones of IndiaSTART International Inc. USA10Dr. Sameer Deshkar Ongoing


Sr. No.Project TitleFunding Agency

(with date of award)

Cost of project (Rs. In Lakhs)InvestigatorPresent status of the project
1‘Development of TiO2 Quantum dots and their Composites for Photocatalytic Application’DST SERB46Dr. S.S.UmareOngoing
2Halogen-bonded supramolecules showing liquid crystalline propertiesScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB)45.6Susanta Kumar NayakStarting
3Synthesis and Characterization of mixed ferrite and its applicationsUGC-DAE CSR2.46Sangesh Zodapeongoing
4Biocatalysis for the sustainable development of organic synthesisSERB (August 2013)32.71Dr. Umesh PratapOngoing

Civil Engineering

Sr. NoProject Title Funding Agency Cost of Project (Rs. in Lakhs)Investigator(s)Present status
1.Technical & Feasibility study of overburden rock of Dongri Buzurg & Kandri Mines for consolidated hydraulic stowing in underground minesMOIL, India39.25Prof I. L. Muthreja,

Dr. Rajendra Yerpude

Dr. A. D. Ghare

2Design development of sustainable construction material from agricultural wasteHousing and Urban Development Corporation23.50Dr. R. V Ralegaonkar,

Dr. Sachin A Mandavgane &

Dr. Sachin V. Bakre

3Seismic Behaviour of Underground StructureDST Oct 201456.70PI-Dr. A. Mandal

Co-PI-O.R. Jaswal/Y B Katpatal

4Modeling of permeability in multi-layered soil system using shear and compression wave velocities at different confining stressScience & Engineering Research Board, SERB, DST Govt of India

( 04 June 2014)

22.61Dr. A. PatelOngoing
51.      Manufacture of Geopolymer Flyash

2.      sand

3.      NTPC Raipur

4.      ( WR –II)


40Dr. S.B. WanjariOngoing
6Use of RBI 81 for stabilization of roadsAlchemist Tuchunologist12V,S.landge, A.D.VasudeoOngoing
7Use of Zycoseal for road sub base stabilizationZydex industries12V,S.landge, A.D.VasudeoOngoing
8Development of low cost, durable precast compound wallDepartment of Forest, Maharashtra State5.64Abhay Tawalare,

S. P. Wanjari

9Predictive Approach for Early Detection of Contamination Zone in an Intermittent and Continuous Water Supply System and its health impactDepartment of Science and Technology, DST/TM/WTI/2K16/171(G) dated 30.12.201677.56Pawan Labhasetwar

Rajesh Gupta,

Pranav Nagarnaik, and

Abha Sargaonkar

10Multi-purpose multi-objective reservoir operation and planning using JAYA algorithm for equitable water distribution within Upper Godavari BasinSERB-DST (ECR)15.93A B MirajkarOngoing
11Site classification scheme and amplification factors for Indian seismic design code

File No : ECR/2016/001316

SERB-DST31.32Shrabony AdhikaryOngoing
12National Ambient Air Monitoring Pragramme (NAMP)Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Mumbai8Dr. V.A.Mhaisalkar

Dr. Dilip H. lataye

13State Ambient Air Monitoring Pragramme (NAMP)Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Mumbai8Dr. V.A.Mhaisalkar

Dr. Dilip H. lataye

14Investigation on the occurrence of endocrine disruptive chemicals in the water bodies and waste waters and development of suitable analytical method for their quantificationDBT

5th August 2016

39.70Joint Project with NEERI

From VNIT:

Dr V A. Mhaisalkar

DR. M. V. Latkar


Chemical Engineering

Sr.No.Project Title Funding Agency (with date of award)Cost of projects (Rs. In Lakhs)Investigator(s) Present status of the project
1.A Compact Novel Hybrid System for the human urine recycling and potable water recovery for long-term human space missionHuman Space Programme (DHSP) Division, Entity & Centre: ISRO Headquarters17.50 LAKHDr. Shriram S.Sonawane, Arvind Mungrey, Alka MungreyOngoing
2.Removal of chlorinated herbicides from aqueous solution using biomass ashesSERB47.00Dr S A Mandavgane and Dr. A. S. ChaurasiaOngoing
3.Development and testing of microfine biopesticideBRNS22.50Dr S A Mandavgane and Dr. S P. TajaneCompleted

Technology transferred

4.Production of Liquid Hydrocarbons and Carbon Nanotubes using Waste plastic as precursorScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

17th July  2014

27Dr. R. P. VijayakumarOngoing
5.Extractive fermentation with surfactants to enhance butanol productionDBT, 26/12/201329.17Dr. Pradip B. DhamoleCompleted
6.Experimental and Modeling Studies on the Ionic Liquid-Mediated Catalytic Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Fuel ProductsSERB-DST (23/09/2016)25.33Dr. Ashwin GaikwadOngoing
7.Model based optimal design and fabrication of lithium-ion coin cells using spent batteriesSERB-DST (1st Oct. 2016)33.64Dr. Ravi N. Methekar

Dr. Venkata Sailanathan

8.Nanoparticles of different shapes conjugated with drugs to achieve enhanced therapeutic efficacy in treatment of cancerDST-SERB Extra Mural Research Funding, Government of India

Date of Award:

17th March’17



Co-PI (s):

Dr. Kailas L. Wasewar

9.Development of Controlled Shape and Size Metal Oxides Nanoparticles, Synthesis of Nanofluids and Application in Heat Exchanger2014-17


22Dr.S. S. SonawaneCompleted
10Development of High Performance Heat Transfer Nanofluids Using Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT & MWCNT’S) Nanoparticles and Its  Applications in Double Pipe Heat Exchanger2016-17


5.5Dr. S. S. SonawaneCompleted
11.Rheological Study of Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (Htpb) – Aluminium Nanoparticle (ANP) – Ammonium Perchlorate (AP) Composite SuspensionHEMRL, DRDO Pune10Dr. K. L. Wasewar.

Dr. D. R. Peshwe

Dr. D. Z. Shende

12.Developing Functionalized Properties on Hollow Ceramic Microsphere for Specific ApplicationsDST SERB46.98Dr. D. Z. ShendeOngoing
13.Exploring the various applications of fly ash conduction of testing of ash and other raw materials and industry based technology developmentVipra Ferro Alloys Ltd., Nagpur6.6Dr. D. Z. Shende

Dr. K. L. Wasewar

14.Investigation of selective CO₂ capture by graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid nanostructures using molecular dynamics simulationsSERB (DST) – Early Career Research Award23.65Dr. Piyush P. WanjariOngoing
15.Extractive fermentation with surfactants to enhance butanol productionDBT30Dr. P. B. Dhamole

Dr. K. L. Wasewar

16.Experimental Investigations of prototype desiged Critical Heat Flux (CHF) Enhancement of High Performance Heat Transfer Nanofluids using SWCNT & MWCNT’S based NanoparticlesSERB,DST50 LakhDr. Shriram Shaligram SonawaneOngoing
17.Development of starch based polyurethane nano-coatings for packaging application by sonochemical approachMinistry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya), Republic of  Tunitia & DST, Govt. of India15 LakhDr. Shriram Shaligram Sonawane

Prof. Shirish H Sonawane (NIT, Warangal)

18.Process Development for Production of Janus Nanoparticles for Selected Catalytic ReactionsDST23 LakhDr.Shriram Shaligram Sonawane

Prof. Shirish H Sonawane (NIT, Warangal)


Computer Science & Engineering

Sr. No. Project  Title Funding Agency (with date of award)Cost of projects (Rs. in  Lakhs )Investigator (s)Present Status of the Project
1.Big Video Data Analytics for Surveillance and

Security of Bank ATMs in a Smart City

SERB (DST)28Dr. Praveen KumarOngoing


Education and





New Delhi


148.10Dr. S. R. Sathe

Dr. U. A. Deshpande

3.Center of





“Hybridisation of Communications

and Embedded



TEQIP 1.2.1


Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya)


     500Dr. S. R. Sathe and othersCompleted

Polony  DNA


using Parallel


Center of


TEQIP-II Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya) 17-11-14

     6.98Dr. S. R. Sathe

Dr. D. D. Shrimankar

5.Genome-wide identification of cis-regulatory elements and development of G-logo tool for genome logo representationDietY, GoI       37Dr. Deepti ShrimankarOne Year Completed
6.Face Recognition under Unconstrained

Environment for Videos from Internet


(Visvesvaraya Young faculty fellowship)

    7.40Poonam SharmaSanctioned
7.IBM Shared University Research GrantIBM      6.64Dr UA Deshpande, Dr RB Keskar, Dr MP KurhekarOngoing

Electrical Engineering

Sr. No.Project Title Funding Agency (with date of award)Cost of projects (Rs. In Lakhs)Investigator(s) Present status of the project
1Reliable and Efficient System for Community Energy Solutions (RESCUES), Consortium Project*DST+EPSRC (UK)



10.73 Cr

(VNIT=42.00 Lakhs)

H.M. SuryawanshiOngoing
2Development of Efficient converter for Grid IntegrationDST (SERI ) Solar Oriented Fundamental Research58H.M. Suryawanshi


3Digital Implementation of Industrial FO-PIDBRNS-BARC, Mumbai25.0M. V. Aware

Mrs A S Junghare

4Development of Camera based sensor for motion detection and its application for energy savingJuly 14, CoE



Dr. SS Bhat

Ongoing         ( Final stage)
5Design and Development of an Experimental Test Bench Setup of Electric VehicleScience and Engineering Research Board


39Dr. Makarand M. LokhandeOngoing
6Development of Contactless Energy Exchange System for Autonomous VehiclesSERB, DST37.5Dr. Ritesh Kumar KeshriOngoing
7Development of Fast Charging System for Electric VehiclesVisvesvaraya Young Faculty Research Fellowship,

Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India

37Dr. Ritesh Kumar KeshriOngoing
8Development of Test-Bench for performing various tests of TransformersM/s. High Rise Transformers Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur

2 years, 2016

     5.04Dr. M.S.Ballal

Dr.H.M. Suryawanshi

9.Error Compensation techniques in Industrial MeteringM/s Koyna Engineers Pvt. Ltd, Nasik    1.74Dr. M.S.Ballal,

Dr. H.M. Suryawanshi


Electronics & Communication Engineering

Sr. No.Project Title Funding Agency (with date of award)Cost of projects (Rs. In Lakhs)Investigator(s) Present status of the project
1Development of a customized dual mode in vivo Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging system for early detection of breast cancerSERB, DST


40.23Dr. Saugata SinhaApproved Budget Accepted by PI, Financial Documents Expected stage
2Center Of Excellence in Combedded SystemsMinistry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya),500.00AvinashKeskar, Ashwin KothariCompleted
3Full Duplex Wireless Communications: Performance Analysis and Implementation IssuesScience and Engineering Research Board, (Government of India).

July 2016

23.16Prabhat Kumar Sharma.Ongoing
4Development and Analysis of Spectrally Efficient Communication System for Future Generation IoT ApplicationsMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology

March 2017

37.00Prabhat Kumar Sharma.Approved (under Visvesvaraya Young Faculty Research Fellowship)
5Implementation and Analysis of Bi-directional Visible Light Communication Systems with Associated Back-End TechnologiesMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology

Jan 2017

49.9Prabhat Kumar Sharma.

Dr. Parul Garg (NSIT,New Delhi), Co-PI

Recommended for Approval (with revised budget)
6To Develope a Test Bed Based on Magnetic Induction(MI) Communication for Agriculture soil condition monitoringMeitY



Dr.Joydeep Sengupta

7Cyber Physical Systems for M-HealthSERB under ECE Scheme       27Dr. Sudhir KumarOngoing
8 Radio Collar Development for Cow Protection &TrackingGorakshan Sabha,


1.00Dr. A. G. KothariOngoing
9 Interference Mitigation In (BAN) Body Area Network through Spectrum Sensing.COE, VNIT6.30Mrs. P. H. Ghare

Dr. A. G. Kothari

Dr. A. G. Keskar

10Smart Structures with failure alarm &   adaptive control System.COE VNIT15.01Dr. A. G. KothariOn going
11Acoustic Enhancement/ Optimizations of A Typical Lecture Hall Through Architectural Interventions and Signal Processing In Hot & Dry Climate.COE VNIT9.87Dr. A. G. Kothari

Dr. K. M. Bhurchandi

Prof. A. Y. Vyawhare

Prof. Ashish Tiwari

Prof. Ashwin Dhabale

On going
12Design and development of& fabrication of humanoid robot with adaptive gripping capabilitiesCOE VNIT10.08Dr. K. M. Bhurchandi

Dr. A. G. Keskar

Dr. A. G. Kothari

Dr. Sheetal Chiddarwar

On going
13Development of camera based sensor for motion detection and its application for energy savingCOE VNIT12.25Dr. A. S. Gandhi

Dr. A. G. Kothari

Dr. S. S. Bhat

Dr. M. R. Ramteke

On going
14Embedded polony DNA sequencing using parallel processingCOE VNIT7.98Dr. A. G. Kothari

Dr. S. R. Sathe

On going
15Bulk SMS messaging serviceCICR0.11Dr. A. G. KothariOn going
16E-KAPAS tenderCICR1.00Dr. A. G. KothariOn going

Centre for VLSI & Nanotechnology

Sr. NoProject TitleFunding Agency (with date of award) Cost of Projects   ( Rs. In Lakhs) Investigator (s)Present status of project
1Design and Development of a Pico-ampere Source and MeterBoard of Research in Nuclear Science (BRNS)25Prof. R. M. PatrikarOngoing
2Center for Innovation, (Incubation Centre) VNIT. Nagpur (Ongoing)Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission Government of Maharashtra (RGSTC)227Prof. R. M. Patrikar  and

Prof. R. B. Deshmukh

3Chip to system design special Manpower development program .(Ongoing )Ministry Of Communication and Information Technology150Prof. R. M. Patrikar  and

Prof. R. B. Deshmukh

4Exploration of Micro-cantilever platform for Agricultural Applications” .(Ongoing )Department of science and Technology     60   (With IITB,IITK and FBK, ItalyProf. R. M. PatrikarOngoing


Sr.NoProject Title Funding Agency (with date of award)Cost of projects (Rs. In Lacs)Investigator(s) Present status of the project
1Numerical methods for solving Singularly Perturbed Delay Differential Equations with large delaysDepartment of Atomic Energy9.56P. Pramod ChakravarthyCompleted in September 2016
2Numerical methods for solving multi-parameter singularly perturbed

boundary value problems

Department of Atomic Energy12.41P. Pramod ChakravarthyOngoing
3Numerical Methods for hyperbolic conservation



17th Nov., 2014

    9.56G Naga RajuUndergoing/


4Studies on the flows of two immiscible incompressible micropolar and viscous fluidsNBHM, DAE


     9.56 M. DevakarOngoing
5Numerical methods

for a class of singular two-points

boundary value problems

DST-SERB, Govt. of India

Date of Award: 08.10.2015

    16.84Pradip  RoulOngoing

Start Date: 01.01.2016

6Design, analysis and implementation of numerical methods for doubly singular boundary value problemsNBHM, DAE

Date of Award: 02.11.2016

   12.16Pradip RoulOngoing

Start Date: 15.02.2017

Mechanical Engineering

Sr. No.Project TitleFunding Agency (with date of award)Cost of projects (Rs. In Lakhs)Investigator(s)Present status

of the project

1Biomedical Engineering and Technology centre IncubationDST/RGSTC





Dr. A. M. Kuthe




2Smart Foundary 2020






Dr. A. M. Kuthe




3Fatigue testing of Hip ProsthesisDRDODr. P.M. PadoleOngoing
4Estimation of human muscle characteristicsDepartment of Science & Technology13.16Dr. Rashmi Uddanwadiker (PI)Completed
5Development of Digital Dental RestorationDepartment of Science and Technology 201641.52Dr. Rashmi Uddanwadiker, Mahesh BakshiOngoing
6Mathematical Modeling of Hydraulically Operated Zero Velocity ValveFlonix Valves Ltd., Pune


2.5Dr. A.V. Vasudeo, Dr. A. S. Dhoble, Dr. A. K. Singh, Dr. M. S. Kotambkar, Dr. TavalareOngoing
7Performance enhancement of grinding millTyco (India) Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur


1Dr. A. S. Dhoble, Dr. M. S. KotambkarOngoing
8Experimental and numerical study of flow and heat transfer in cross flow heat exchangerTEQIP-II


1.51Dr. A. S. DhobleOngoing
9Design and analysis of of weld joints of aerofoilin jet Blast DeflectorAnand Mine Tools Pvt. Ltd


4.08Dr. A. S. Dhoble, Dr. R. V. TaiwadeOngoing
10Project on capacity enhancement of pulverizerTYCO India Pvt. Ltd.1Dr. M.S. kotambkar, Dr. A.S. DhobleOngoing
11SMART Foundry 2020DST and 5 industries

September 2016

950.1516Dr. K.M. AshtankarOngoing
12Mathematical modelling of zero velocity valveFlownix Valve Pvt. Ltd., Pune2.5Dr. Arun Singh and A. D. VasudeoOngoing
13Application of rate, state, temperature and pore pressure friction (RSTPF) model for rock slope stability and failure hazard assessmentDST

2017 (March)

3.1Dr. Arun SinghOngoing
14Online Monitoring and Characterization of Distorsion in Multi Layer Laser Cladding Process
2017 (April)
37.19Dr. T V K GuptaOngoing
15Development of Fluid – Structure Interaction (FSI) Solver for Cardiovascular Disease: An AneurysmDST-SERB

2017 (Feb)

26.19Dr.Trushar B. GohilOngoing
16Development of Ni based composite coatings using electroless plating method for high temperature tribological applicationsDST (ECRA)

2016 (October)

35.54Dr. Ravikumar DumpalaOngoing
17Response of hemispherical sandwich shell structures subjected to projectile impactSERB (DST)

Aprail 2017

20.0Dr.Gaurav TiwariOngoing
18Design and Fabrication of Thin-film Sensor for Hypersonic flowsDST (ECSR)


38Dr.Ravi Kumar PeetalaOngoing
19Design of 1kW Roof Top Vertical Axis Wind Turbine to Implement a Wind-Battery Based Stand- Alone System for Low Wind Speed RegimesSERB (DST)

Date: 23-Dec-2020

23.09Dr. Sukanta RogaOngoing

(Till Dec, 2023)

20Development of experimental setup for the analysis of multipot biomass cookstoveTEQIP-II1


Dr. V. R. Kalamkar




21Investigation of heat transfer and friction using artificial roughness in solar air heater.TEQIP-II0.5


Dr. V. R. Kalamkar




Metallurgical and Material Engineering

Sr.No.Project TitleFunding Agency (with date of award)Cost of projects (Rs. In Lakhs)Investigator(s)Present status

of the project

1.Assessment of weld interface creep cavitation of Ferritic / austenitic dissimilar weld joint of ferritic modified 9Cr-1Mo and austenitic 316LN steels.UGC-DAE-CSR18.00Dr.A.R. Ballal

Dr.M.M. Thaware

Dr.D.R. Peshwe

2.Testing for Damage Evaluation of New Composite Materials & ComponentsACECOST- III

(AR & DB)

167.3Dr.D.R. Peshwe

Dr.J.G. Bhatt

Dr.M.M. Thaware

3.Rheological study of Hydroxyl terminated poly butadiene (HTPB) – Aluminiumnano particles (ANP) – Ammonium perchlorate (AP) Composite suspensionCARS10Dr.K.L. Wasewar

Dr.D.R. Peshwe

4.Endurance studies of Hip prosthesisCARS10Dr.P.M. Padole

Dr.D.R. Peshwe

Dr.M.M. Thawre

5.Effect of texture on LCF behavior of Ti-64 Turbine Blade material.CARS (GTRE)10Dr.A.R. Ballal

Dr.D.R. Peshwe

6.Structural developments during deformation and annealing in titanium alloysSERB Feb 201719.36 Dr.R.K. KhatirkarOngoing
7.Design and Analysis on Weld Joints of Aerofoil in Jet Blast DeflectorAnand Mine tools Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur

November 2016

4.08 Dr.R.V. Taiwade

Dr.A.S. Dhoble

8.Assessment of Weld Interface Creep Cavitation of Ferritic/austenitic Dissimilar Weld Joint of Ferritic Modified 9Cr-1Mo and Austenitic 316 LN SteelsUGC-DAE CSR

March 2017

15Dr.A.R. Ballal

Dr.M.M. Thawre

Dr.D.R. Peshwe

9.Developing downstream applications of strip cast Al alloys,( in collaboration with JNARDDC Nagpur)-Ministry of Mines, GOI 201618Dr.R.K. Khatirkar

Dr.S.G. Sapate

10.Large scale synthesis of

WO3-x nanowires for chemiresistive gas sensors



37.02Dr. Ajeet Kumar SrivastavOngoing

Mining Engineering

Sr. No.Project TitleFunding Agency (with date of award)Cost of projects (Rs. In Lakhs)Investigator(s)Present status of the project
1Technical & Feasibility study of overburden rock of Dongri Buzurg & Kandri Mine for consolidated stowing in underground minesMOIL Ltd, Nagpur,

April 2013

39.25Dr. I .L. Muthreja, Coordinator

Dr. R. R. Yerpude Co-coordinator

Dr A.D. Ghare


First Phase over March 2017


Sr. No.Project Title Funding Agency (with date of award)Cost of projects (Rs. In Lakhs)Investigator(s) Present status of the project
1.Study of the effect of neutron and gamma irradiation on the properties of lithium borosilicate glassesBRNS


20.24Dr. V. K. DeshpandeCompleted
2.Synthesis and characterization of glasses containing semiconductor quantum dots      ( QDs) for optical filtersDST, SERB

24.4. 2014

3.Studies and development of polymer and/or inorganic material coated carbon nanotube thin films towards supercapacitor applicationDST-SERB38.75Dr. Babasaheb R. SankapalOngoing
4.Investigations on       Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4  thin films leading to the development of heterojunction solar cellsDST,SERB23.98Dr. G. Hema ChandraCompleted


5.Investigations on       Cu2ZnSnSe4  thin films leading to the development of heterojunction solar cellsUGC-DAE CSR7.686Dr. G. Hema ChandraOngoing


6.Development of lithium disilicate based Nano glass ceramics for armor applications.ARMREB, DRDO


34.81Dr. (Mrs.) A. V. DeshpandeOngoing
7.Development of P3HT:PCBM solar cell containing Zn-Al & Zn-Fe hydrotalcite nanoparticles in PEDOT:PSS layer to  enhance the efficiency.DST-SERB


10.19Dr. Mrs. S.M. GiripunjeOngoing