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Organisation and Function

 1.4  Norms for discharge of functions[Section 4(1)(b)(iv)]   
 1.4.1  Nature of functions/ services offered 

      Conducting Undergraduate, Postgraduate & PhD programmes. The academic and industrial research along with R&D projects is conducted at VNIT.

 Research Publications, Book Publications, Conducting national & international conferences/workshops/STTPS/FDP/Seminars/Summer Schools, Industry Institute Collaboration, Patents, I  Innovation & Technology Transfer and Consultancy.

 1.4.2  Norms/ standards for functions/service delivery 

     Annual Report Index S.No 10-17, page nos:147 -280.

 1.4.3  Process by which these services can be accessed

     Relevant information is available on VNIT website & institute Library.

 1.4.4  Time-limit for achieving the targets

     As per the academic timetable of the institute for teaching programmes. For other functions/services, as per the need.

 1.4.5  Process of redress of grievances

     Grievance Committee – Click Here