STTPs/Workshops Organized by various Departments

  • Applied Mechanics
  • Architecture & Planning
  • Chemistry
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Electronics & Communication
  • VLSI & Nanotechnology
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical
  • Metallurgy & Materials
  • Mining

Sr.No. Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Dr. A Y Vyavahare

Dr. R K Ingle

Seven Days Refresher Course on Structural Design of Water Treatment Plants and Other Related Structures25 Nov to 1 Dec 2016
2.Dr. A Y VyavahareShort Term Training Programmer on Structural Analysis using ANSYS20 – 25 March, 2017
3.Dr. Ratnesh Kumar

Dr. R. K. Ingle

Understanding Earthquake Behaviour of Buildings21 – 26 May, 2016
4.Dr. Debarati Datta

Dr. Sangeeta Gadve

Lecture series on “Numerical methods and Solid Mechanics” by Prof Y.M. Desai from IIT Bombay11 – 13 October, 2016.

Sr.No.Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
   1.Dr. Rajashree Kotharkar,  Dr. Pankaj Bahadure , Dr. SarikaBahadureSustainable cities19 -23 October 2016
   2.Dr. Alpana. R. Dongre, Dr. AkshayPatil, Dr.  AmitWahurwaghArchitectural Acoustics- Measurements and Simulations6 -10 March 2017

Sr.No.Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Dr.Anupama Kumar &             Dr. Anjali Junghare”The sexual harassment of women at workplace”Half day workshop on 19th September,2016. Awareness programme for Girl student and Women employees of VNIT
2.Dr. Anupama Kumar  Dr. Atul V WankhadeSpectroscopic Techniques: Fundamental to Applications5- 9 Dec. 2016
3.Dr. Susanta Kumar NayakOutreach Program “Science of Crystallography”16 Feb. 2017

(3:00-5:00 PM)

Sr.No.Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Dr. Sachin MandavganeSummer Design School16-31 May 2016
2.Dr. R. P. Vijayakumar and Dr. A. S. ChaurasiaCHEMIX ’17 (National Conference on Inter- and Intra-Disciplinary Blend of Chemical Engineering)25-26 March, 2017
3.Dr. R. P. VijayakumarCHEMIX ’16 (National Conference on Inter- and Intra-Disciplinary Blend of Chemical Engineering)2-3 April,2016
4.Dr. Ravi N. Methekar

Dr. S. G. Agrawal

Process modeling and simulation using Matlab14-19July,2016

Dr.Jatin Bhatt (MME Dept.)Dr.K. L. Wasewar

STTP on ‘’Nanoscience and Nanotechnology’’’6-10 July, 2016
6.Dr. K. L. Wasewar

Dr. D. Z. Shende

Dr. M. N. Varma

National Workshop on ‘Advances in Explosive and Propellants’15-19 March, 2017
7.Dr. K. L. Wasewar

Dr. D. Z. Shende

Dr. M. N. Varma

Self Sponsored Short Term Course on ‘How to write Research Paper’22-26 February, 2017
8.Dr. Ravikumar C.

Dr. K. L. Wasewar

Self Sponsored Short Term Course on ‘Nanosciene & Nanotechnology’6-10 July, 2016
9.Dr. A. S. Chaurasia

Dr. S. A. Mandavagane

Dr. K. L. Wasewar

Short Term Training Program on Computational Modeling with COMSOL Multi-Physics21-25 May, 2016

Sr.No. Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Dr. A.D. Ghare  (Convener)Coordinator(s)

Dr.R.V .Ralegaonkar,

Dr. M V Madurwar

Self-sponsored workshop on ‘Sustainable Construction Engineering for Smart City Development’14th-18th March 2017
2.Dr. Rajesh GuptaComputer aided analysis and design of pipelines and pipe networks for water supply and sewerage networks17-23 Nov 2016  sponsored by CPHEEO
3.Dr. Rajesh Gupta and

Dr.  V. A. Mhaisalkar

Annual Convention of Indian Water Works Association19-21 Jan 2017
4.Dr. Y B Katpatal &

Dr. A R Tembhurkar

Climate Change Sponsored by TEQIP II8-9, Oct 2016

Sr.No.Name of the Co-ordinator Title Duration
1.D. D. Shrimankar and

Dr. S. R. Sathe

High Performance Computing


23-27 May 2016


2.Dr. M.  M.  Dhabu and                   Dr. P.  S.  DeshpandeData Mining using R (DMR 2016 )27 June – 2 July, 2016.
3.Dr. U.A.  Deshpande and                 Dr. M P Kurhekar(DIS-2016) Designing Intelligent Systems3 -7, Dec2016
4.Dr. U.A.  Deshpande  and                  Dr. R. B. Keskar(RTS-2016) Schedulability  Analysis of Real Time Systems12-17 Dec   2016
5.Dr. S.A. RautBiological Databases & Machine Learning in R5- 10 December,   2016

Sr.No.Name of the Coordinator(s)TitleDuration
1. Dr.M.K.Khedkar


Advancements in R.E.S & Energy Storage Devices with 23 participants & a budget of Rs.2.5Lacs30 Jan  –

04 Feb, 2017

2.Dr. H. M. Suryawanshi,

Dr. Ritesh Keshari

One week workshop on Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles (GAIN Course)7-12, Dec.2016
3.Dr. H. M. Suryawanshi,

Dr. Ritesh Keshari and

Dr. M. S. Ballal

One week Self-sponsored Workshop on Power Electronics Applications in Micro-Grids:Enabling Green Energy  (STC-PEAMG-2016)6-10, April 2016
4.Dr. M.V.AwareControl Methods or High Performance Electric Drives18-19 Jan  2016
5.Dr. M.V.AwareFractional order calculus engineering laboratory15-19 Nov 2016
6.Dr. Anjali Junghare

Mrs.Deepali Deshpande

Workshop on Women Empowerment

Women’s Day Celebration

22nd March  2016

Dr. A.S.Junghare

Induction training for Student Mentors of Batch 2015. Experts from Tata Institute of Social Sciences6-7  August 2016
8.Dr.  Anjali Junghare

Mrs.Deepali Deshpande

Awareness program on ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace ‘12th September 2016
9.Dr.  A.S.Junghare

Dr. M.V.Aware

Dr. B. A. Rajpathak

“Fractional Calculus Engineering Laboratory”15-19 November, 2016.
10.Prof. O.R.Jaiswal


Workshop on Student Mentoring1st April 2017
11.Dr. Makarand M. Lokhande, Dr. P. S. Kulkarni, and

Dr. N. R. Patne

 “Renewable Energy Systems and Power Quality” ( Self financed STTP)29th August to 2nd September 2016
12.Dr. M. K. Khedkar and

Dr. A. Mitra

Dr. Makarand M. Lokhande

“Design and implementation of solar photovoltaic system” (Lecture series)25th and 26th March 2017
13.Dr. R.K. Keshri

Dr. H.M. Suryawanshi

GIAN Course on Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles, Foreign Professor, Giuseppe Buja, Life Fellow IEEE, University of Padova, Italy7-12 December, 2016
14.Dr. R.K. Keshri,

Dr. M.S. Ballal, and

Dr. H.M. Suryawanshi

NaMPET one week workshop on “Power Electronics Technologies for micro-grid Enabling Green Energies”6-10 April, 2016,
15.Dr. R.K. KeshriOne day IEEE Invited talk on  “Power Electronics and Machine Drives as an Enabling Technology for Transportaion Electrification” byProf. Sheldon Williamson, University of Ontario, Canada16 August, 2016
16.Dr. Ritesh Keshri, Sheldon Williamson, K.N. Mude, and Sachin Jain (Organizing Chairs)Inaugural IEEE-IES Workshop on Transportation Electrification, IISC, Bangalore12 August, 2016
17.Giambattista Gruosso, Ritesh Keshri,  Xuewei Pan, and Hiroshi Fujimoto (Organizing chairs)Technical Track on “Transportation Electrification and Vehicle Systems” ICIT 2017, Ontario, Canada22-25 Mar, 017
18.Amit Jain, K. Sivakumar,

Ritesh Keshri,  Bhakti Joshi, and  Maher Al-Badri (Organizing committee)

Technical Track on “Electrical Machines and Drives” IEEE PEDES 201614-17 Dec, 2016
19.Ritesh Keshri, Bhakti Joshi, Pan Xuewei, and, Abhijit Choudhry (organizing chairs)Technical Track on “Transportation, Electrification and Vehicle Systems”, IEEE-IECON 2016, Florence, Italy24-27 Oct, 2016
20.Dr. Ritesh Keshri, Giuseppe Buja, and Akshay. Rathore

(Organizing chairs)

Special session on “Permanent Magnet Drives For Land And Aerial Vehicles” IEEE-IECON 2016, Florence, Italy24-27 Oct, 2016
21.Dr. Ritesh Keshri, Fei Gao, Akshay Rathore, and Sheldon Williamson (Organising Chairs)Technical Track on “Transportation Electrification” IEEE ISIE 2016, Santa Clara, Canada8-10 June, 2016
22.Dr Pradyumn Chaturvedi

Dr. M. S. Ballal

Self-financed Short Term Training Program on “Emerging Trends in Power System, Instrumentation and Control”03-07 Oct, 2016

Sr.No. Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Dr. Prabhat SharmaGIAN COURSE:

Advanced Wireless Communication Systems: A PHY Layer Perspective

12 -17 Dec. 2016
2.Dr. Saugata Sinha, Dr. K.M.Bhurchandi3 day hands on Workshop on Digital Signal Processing5- 7 March 2016
3.Dr. Sudhir KumarHands-on workshop on internet of things8-9 Sep 2016

Dr.Joydeep Sengupta

Dr.Vinay Kumar

Dr. K.Surender

Role of Mathematics in Engineering26-30 Sept 2016
5.Dr. A. S. Gandhi

Dr. Prabhat Sharma

Research Paradigms in Communication Enginering10-15 Oct 2016
6.Prof. K. M. Bhurchandi,

Dr. V. Satpute

Dr. S. Sinha

Dr. Sudhir Kumar

ARM Student Design Challenge – ADC 2016 Zonals6th Jan 2017

Sr.No. Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Prof. R. M. Patrikar and

Prof. R. B. Deshmukh

Instruction Enhancement Program on Deep Submicron Technologies5th-9th Dec. 2016
2.Dr. Ganesh C. Patil ISTE  Workshop on CMOS, Mixed Signal and Radio Frequency VLSI Design 30th January 2017 –               4th February 2017
3.Prof. R. M. Patrikar and

Prof. R. B. Deshmukh

Chip-to-System Design Cluster project review meeting.20th-21st March 2017

Sr.No.     Name of the  Coordinator Title               Duration
1.Dr. M. GhosalTwo day National Conference organized on ‘Professional Ethics and Human Values’18-19, December,2016
2.Dr. M. GhosalShort Term Training Program on ‘Research Methodology’16-22 May 2016
3.Dr. G.N.NimbarteTwo day National Conference organized on ‘Professional Ethics and Human Values’18-19 December, 2016
4.Dr. G.N.NimbarteShort Term Training Program on ‘Research Methodology’16 – 22 May 2016

Sr.No.Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Pallavi Mahale and M. DevakarOne day  Symposium on “Mathematics and its Applications”22 December 2016

Sr.No.Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Dr. A. M. KutheMedical Device Innovation Conclave19- 23, Sept.2016
2.Dr. V. R. KalamkarComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Software Training21- 25 June 2016
3.Dr. V. R. KalamkarThree Days Workshop on Business and its Industrial Applications 14 – 16 Oct,2016
4.Dr. V. R. KalamkarCFD Applications in Energy Efficiency and Safety21- 22, Oct,2016
5.Dr. A. B. Andhare12th National Workshop IPROMM 201622- 23 Dec,2016
6.Dr. R. V. UddanwadikerWorkshop on Success Stories of Biomedical engineering Projects 23 Oct, 2016
7.Dr. A. S. Dhoble Workshop on CFD21- 25 June 2016
8.Dr. Sheetal S. ChiddarwarSummer Design School16- 31 May,2016
9.Dr. Sheetal S. ChiddarwarWorkshop on Industrial Problems on Machines and Mechanisms22- 23 Dec,2016
10.Dr. H. P. JawaleSTTP on Product Design02- 03 April, 2016
11.Dr. T.V.K. GuptaWorkshop on Manufacturing of Advanced Materials: A Research Perspective27 June to 01 July,2016
12.Dr. T.V.K. GuptaSTTP on Finite Element Methods: Research & Industrial Applications06- 17 June,2016
13.Dr. T.V.K. GuptaSTTP on Summer Research Program-201609 May to 14 July,2016
14.Dr. Trushar B. GohilSummer School on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)26 May to 09 July, 2016
15.Dr. Trushar B. GohilSummer Research Program09 May to 14 July,2016
16.Dr. Trushar B. GohilSelf Financed One Week Training On Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with OpenFOAM08- 12 Dec, 2016
17.Dr. Ravikumar DumpalaWorkshop on Manufacturing of Advanced Materials: A Research Perspective27 June to 01 July,2016
18.Dr. Ravikumar DumpalaSummer Research Program (SRP)09 May to 14 July,2016
19.Dr. Gaurav TiwariSTTP on Finite Element Analysis- Research and Industrial Applications06- 17 June,2016
20.Dr. Gaurav TiwariSummer research program-201609 May to 14 July,2016

Sr.No.Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Dr. D. R. Peshwe and  Dr Y.M. DeshpandeManagement development program under program “Disha” for IOCL dealers Training Program (80 delegates)21-22 Sept 2016 and

16-17 Dec 2016

2.Dr. Atul Ballal, Dr. Jatin Bhatt and Dr. Ajay LikhiteMetallurgy for Non Metallurgists6-10 Jan, 2017
3.Dr.C. Ravikumar, Dr. Kailash L Vasewar and Dr. Jatin BhattSTTP on ‘Nanoscience and Nanotechnology’6-10 July, 2016

Sr.No. Name of the CoordinatorTitleDuration
1.Dr. I .L. Muthreja & Dr. R. R. YerpudeProfessional Development Course on “Stability of Slopes and Dumps in Mines”21-22 January, 2017
2.Dr. A. K .AgarwalAptitude for Engineers22nd Oct 2016