Women Cell VNIT, Nagpur organized Women’s Get-together & Cutural Event on 5th October, 2021

Women Cell VNIT organized Women’s Get-together and Cultural Event for women employees of VNIT on Tuesday October 5, 2021.

Cultural fest has been about encouraging kindness towards each other and society at large through various entertainment programs. It has always brought out the best talents within an individual to the fore. Women Cell VNIT, always take step to make organization a safe and friendly space for all women employee and students of VNIT. Event like this provides a platform to interact with each other and help us achieve the same.

Prof. P. M. Padole, Director VNIT was the Chief Guest and Mrs. Pallavi Padole was the Guest of Honor. The proceeding of inaugural function commenced with a prayer to the Divine Soul.

Women Cell VNIT welcomed the chief guest and guest of honor with saplings. Dr. Sangeeta Gadve, Chairperson, Women Cell VNIT gave the opening remark followed by the address by chief guest of the function Prof. P. M. Padole, where he provided valuable insights. His inputs stay with us and never fail to ignite our enthusiasm.

Next to address the gathering was Mrs. Pallavi Padole, our first lady and guest of honor. Her words of encouragement sure raised our spirits and her humbleness inspired us.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Meera Dhabu, to mark an end to the inaugural function. Mrs. Prerna Jamdar graced the function with her presence.

Proceedings of inaugural function are conducted by Dr. Sarika Bahadure.

Then came the moment for which everyone was waiting for with bated breath, the start of the cultural events. It was met with great enthusiasm, involvement and cheers from women employees of VNIT. More than 50 women employees of VNIT presented various activities and more than 125 women employees participated in this event.

Proceedings of cultural event are conducted by Ms. Mugdha Lamsonge and Ms. Nirmala D’souza.

             Women Cell VNIT is being led under the dynamic leadership of Chairperson, Dr. Sangeeta Gadve with the execution of various activities by Member Secretary Mrs. Vijaya Deshmukh. Other members of enthusiastic team included: Dr. Poonam Sharma, Dr. Ashwini Mirajkar and Dr. Bharti Polke. The team is being guided by Prof. S. B. Thombre and Dr. Devakar.