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Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) 

PEOs of the B.Tech Program for Mechanical Engineering Dept.



To impart to the students knowledge of contemporary  science and mechanical

engineering related subjects


To enhance analytical skills of the students for decision making.


To provide opportunity to the students to expand their horizon beyond mechanical  engineering.


To prepare the students to take-up career in different industries or to pursue higher studies in mechanical and interdisciplinary programs


To create awareness amongst the students towards social, environmental and energy related issues.


To introduce the students to the professionalism and effective communication skills.

Programme Outcomes (POs) 

Sr. No. Programme Outcomes (POs)*
 1 The graduates will be able to apply knowledge of basic sciences (maths, physics, chemistry etc.) and engineering (core and elective subjects) in getting solutions to mechanical engineering related problems
2 The graduates will be able to design and conduct experiments as well as analyze and interpret data.
 3 The graduates will be able to design a system or a component of a system for a specific task within realistic constraints
 4 The graduates will be able to undertake multi disciplinary courses and tasks.
 5 The graduates will be able to formulate and apply the knowledge of mathematical techniques in solving the governing equations of a system under consideration.
 6 The graduates will be able to develop industrial and professional ethics and managerial skills.
 7 The graduates will be able to communicate effectively their point of views
 8 The graduates will be able to study the impact of mechanical systems on the global, economic, environmental and societal context.
 9 The graduates will acquire attitude for life- long learning
 10 The graduate will be able to use modern tools, softwares, equipments etc. to analyze and obtain solution to the problems.
11 The graduates will be able to participate in competitive examinations for success.

*They are framed for the first time, thus these will be refined in due course of time.