Faculty Members, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. V. R. Kalamkar

Head of the Department

Designation: Professor & Head

Email IDvilas_kalamkar@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1379

Dr. P. M. Padole

Director (VNIT Nagpur)

Designation: Professor

Specialization:  Kinematics and M/c design, FEM, Bio-Engineering

Email IDpmpadole@mec.vnit.ac.in 

Telephone: +91-712 280 1307

Dr. H. T. Thorat

Former Director (NITUK)

Designation: Professor

Specialization:  Design Engineering, Machines and Mechanism Design

Email ID: htthorat@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1393

Dr. S. B. Thombre

Dean (ACAD)

Designation: Professor

Specialization:  Thermal engineering, Solar Energy, Fuel Cells

Email ID: sbthombre@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1535

Dr. A. M. Kuthe

Designation: Professor

Specialization:  Layered Manufacturing, Bio-Medical Engineering

Email ID: amkuthe@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1441

Dr. V. R. Kalamkar

Designation: Professor & Head

Specialization:  CFD for Thermo-fluid Systems, Solar Submersible Pumps

Email ID: vilas_kalamkar@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1166

Dr. A. Chatterjee

Designation: Professor

Specialization:  Nonlinear Dynamics, Damage Identification, Vibration

Email ID: achatterjee@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1239

Associate Professors

Dr. Y. M. Puri

DesignationAssociate Professor

SpecializationUnconventional manufacturing, Computer Aided and Integrated Manufacturing

Email IDympuri@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1308

Dr. D. B. Zodpe

DesignationAssociate Professor

SpecializationRefrigeration and Air Conditioning,Thermal Engineering

Email IDdbzodpe@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1274

Dr. A. B. Andhare

DesignationAssociate Professor

SpecializationMachinery vibration, Condition monitoring, Machine Design

Email IDabandhare@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1163

Dr. J. G. Suryawanshi

DesignationAssociate Professor

SpecializationI.C. Engines


Email IDjgsuryawanshi@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1154

Dr. S. S. Chiddarwar

DesignationAssociate Professor

SpecializationRobot Motion Planning, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robotics

Email IDshitalsc@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1167

Dr. R. V. Uddanwadikar

DesignationAssociate Professor

SpecializationComputer Graphics, Theory of Machines, Biomechanics

Email IDrvuddanwadikar@mec.vnit.ac.in 

Telephone: +91-712 280 1156

Assistant Professors

Dr. A. S. Dhoble

DesignationAssistant Professor

SpecializationAutomobile Engineering, Thermo Fluid systems

Email IDasdhoble@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1152

Dr. H.P. Jawale

DesignationAssistant Professor

SpecializationMachines and Mechanism Design, Measurement and Sensors

Email IDhpjawale@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1155

Dr. M. S. Kotambkar

DesignationAssistant Professor

SpecializationMachine Design, Vibration Based Damage Identification, FEA

Email IDmskotambkar@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1153

Dr. A. K. Singh

DesignationAssistant Professor

SpecializationFrictional & Fracture Dynamics, Mechanics of Soft/Hard Solids

Email ID:  aksingh@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1273

Dr. Trushar B. Gohil

DesignationAssistant Professor

SpecializationCFD, Parallel Computing, Turbulence Modeling, Code Development

Email IDtrusharg@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1169

Dr. T. V. K. Gupta

DesignationAssistant Professor

SpecializationAdvanced Manufacturing Processes, Hard Material Machining

Email IDtvkgupta@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1168

Dr. Ravikumar Dumpala

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: Manufacturing and Surface Engineering, Wear and Tribology

Email IDravikumardumpala@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1151

Dr. R. K. Peetala

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: CFD, Compressible Flows and Heat Transfer

Email ID: rkpeetala@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1873

Dr. P. V. Kane

DesignationAssistant Professor

SpecializationCondition Monitoring, Quality and Reliability Engineering

Email IDprasad_kane@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1159

Dr. D. A. Jolhe

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics, Manufacturing System Simulations, Quality Engineering, Industry 4.0 & Big Data

Email IDdajolhe@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1164

Dr. V. M. Nistane

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: Nonlinear Dynamics, Vibrations & Control, Fault Diagnosis 

Email ID: vmnistane@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1442

Dr. Gaurav Tiwari

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: Impact Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis

Email ID: gauravtiwari@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1277

Dr. Sukanta Roga

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: Wind Energy, Data Analysis, Image Analysis, CFD, Combustion, Propulsion & Power, Supersonic & Hypersonic Engines

Email ID:  rogasukanta@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-7122802250

Dr. A. A. Thakre

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: Tribology, Optimization, Soft Solids

Email IDaathakre@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1253



Dr. K. M. Asthankar

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: Rapid Prototyping, Casting, Industrial Engineering

Email ID: kmashtankar@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1440

Dr. P. D. Sawarkar

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: Combustion Engineering, Heat Transfer, Non-conventional Refrigeration

Email ID: psawarkar@mec.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1158

Dr. N. K. Lautre

DesignationAssistant Professor

SpecializationAdvanced Machining, Production and Industrial Engineering

Email IDnitin@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 1872

Dr. Sachin Thakre

DesignationAssistant Professor

Specialization: Fluid and Thermal Engineering, Nuclear Severe Accident Mitigation, Debris Coolability (Flow Through Porous Media), Melt-water Interactions, Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Email ID:  sachinthakre@mec.vnit.ac.in

Telephone: +91-712 280 2301