Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Mr. Shrivastava Shivam Rajendra
Mr. Vipul Shankarrao Salve
Ms. Rajya Lakshmi Sai Sahithi Seelamsetti
Mr. Abhijeet Bisen
Mr. Aditya Mishra
Mr. Akshaykumar Ananda More (1)
Mr. Akshaykumar Ananda More
Mr. Aman Sanjay Ukey
Mr. Kandukuri L N S N Siddartha
Mr. Prashik Shailesh Mayur
Mr. Sai Krishna K B
Mr. Sanket Subhash Pawar
Mr. Shawaz Ahmed Khan
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Department Vision & Mission



A department, growing at pace matching with global trends, emerging as one of the world’s leading academic organizations for its advanced knowledge base and cutting-edge research contributions. 


The mission of the department is:

  • To link the human resource with the knowledge base in the field of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in such a way that the challenges faced by the mankind in optimum utilization of the materials resources are successfully met with.
  • To stride on every front of knowledge dissemination through teaching learning process, research and development and offering expert solutions to the technological problems.
  • To integrate human resource with highest attainable level of knowledge on materials with various channels functioning for its efficient dissemination for the welfare of the mankind.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To develop scientific concepts and analytical capabilities.

PEO2: To define and understand the engineering concepts involved in Metallurgical and Materials related to production, processing, working and failure.

PEO3: To create and improve skills and acquaint with social and economic aspects of technology related to metal and materials.

PEO4: To acquaint with details of the science and engineering involved in production, processing, function, failure of materials of various ferrous, non-ferrous systems.

PEO5: To prepare research capability for advancement of the subject.


    • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MME) department was founded in 1965 with the first batch passing in 1969.
    • The MME department has a high end faculty and well equipped facilities.
    • It has well recognized  UG (B.Tech.), PG (M.Tech.), and PhD programs.
    • Curriculum, course content, teaching methodology, and the nature of projects by students keep pace with the developing science and the cutting edge technological and industrial advances.
    • The diverse research projects supports the industrial testing and consultancy.
    • Active involvement in continuing education programs on Welding, Failure analysis, Testing and QC, Casting and Solidification Processes, Electric steel making, Structure-Property Correlation etc. for industry professionals.