Industry Institute Collaboration


  1. Creep behaviour of turbine material, GTRE Bengaluru, 20 lakhs, A. R. Ballal, D. R. Peshwe


  1. Performance Assessment of Induction Furnace Steel Making, SRJ Peety Steels Jalna, 4 lakhs, D. V. Moghe, A. P. Patil, Y. Y. Mahajan
  2. High temperature tensile testing,  METALFAB Nagpur, 0.236 lakhs, A. R. Ballal
  3. High temperature creep, AUSC Mission, 20 lakhs, A. R. Ballal
  4. Academic projects, GTRE Bengaluru, A. R. Ballal, M. M. Thawre, D. R. Peshwe
  5. Consultancy, Research & Development Establishment (R&DE), Dighi, Pune, 1.77 lakhs, M. M. Thawre, D. R. Peshwe
  6. MTech Project, HINDALCO, J. G. Bhatt (VNIT), A. Krishnakumar
  7. Failure Testing, Viraj Profiles, 0.05 lakhs, A. A. Likhite
  8. Technical report on functions of Coke in blast furnace, JSW Steel Ltd, Dolvi, 3.5 lakhs, D. V. Moghe, A. P. Patil
  9. Failure analysis of roll, ADOR Fontech, MIDC, Hingna, 1.5 lakhs, A. P. Patil
  10. Academic project, IGCAR Kalpakkam, A. R. Ballal
  11. Academic project, IISc Bangalore, A. R. Ballal
  12. Electron backscattered diffraction and textures in metals and alloys, IIT Bombay, R. K. Khatirkar (VNIT), Indradev Samajdar
  13. Deformation and recrystallization texture development in two phase materials, IISc Bangalore, R. K. Khatirkar (VNIT), Satyam Suwas
  14. Textures and magnetic properties of electrical steels, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, R. K. Khatirkar (VNIT), Vijay Hiwarkar
  15. Rolling and galvanizing of low carbon steels, JSW Ispat Ltd, Kalmeshwar, R. K. Khatirkar (VNIT), Rajeev Jayaswal