Faculty Details

Head of The Department

Dr. Jatin G. Bhatt
Professor & Head of The Department
Areas of Interest: Nano and Biomaterials, Semiconductor Material Science, Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Non Equilibrium Materials Processing and Technology, Metallic glasses
E-mail: jatinbhatt[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Office No.: +91-712-280 1513


Dr. Dilip R. Peshwe
Professor – HAG
Areas of Interest: Physical Metallurgy, Welding, Casting Process, Wear of Engineering Materials, Tribology, Polymers & Composites
E-mail: dilippeshwe[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Office No.:+ 91 – 712 – 280 1385

Dr. Awanikumar P. Patil


Areas of Interest: Corrosion Engineering, Surface Engineering, Simulation & Modeling, Alloy Steel Making

E-mail:  appatil[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91 – 712 – 280 1285

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/appatil/

Dr. Sanjay G. Sapate


Areas of Interest: Tribology, Surface coating for wear protection, thermal spray coatings, weld hardfacing alloys.

E-mail: sgsapate[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91 – 712 – 280 1519

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/sgsapate/

Dr. Ajay A. Likhite


Areas of Interests: Austempered Ductile Iron, Solidification Processing, Process Control, Taguchi Methods, Foundry Technology, Failure Analysis

E-mail: aalikhite[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office  No.: +91-712-280 1515

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/aalikhite/

Dr.  Atul R. Ballal


Areas of Interest: Ceramic engineering, Fuel Cells, Mechanical Metallurgy

E-mail: atulballal[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91 – 712 – 280 1509

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/arballal/

Dr. Rajesh K. Khatirkar


Areas of Interest: Microstructure and texture development in materials, Electron microscopy, Diffraction analysis of materials, Electron backscattered diffraction

E-mail: rajeshk[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91 – 712 – 280 1508

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/rkkhatirkar/

Associate Professor

Dr. Ramesh C. Rathod

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Polymer and composites, Corrosion Science, Physical Metallurgy

E-mail: rameshrathod[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.:  +91 – 712 – 280 1770

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/rcrathod/

Dr. Ravindra V. Taiwade

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Welding, Corrosion, Biomaterials, Mineral Processing

E-mail: r_taiwade[at]rediffmail.com,rvtaiwadevnit[at]gmail.com

Office No.: +91 – 712 – 280 1518

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/rvtaiwade/

Dr. Manjusha M. Thawre

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Fatigue Behaviour of Composites, Joining of Materials, Mechanical Metallurgy

Email: mduragkar[at]gmail.com

Office No.: +91-712-280 1514

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/mthawre/

Assistant Professor

Dr. Yogesh Y. Mahajan

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Physical Metallurgy, Welding, Non Destructive Testing

E-mail: yymahajan[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91 – 712 – 280 1522

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/yymahajan/

Dr. Ajeet K. Srivastav

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest:  Non-equilibrium processing, Phase transformations, Thermally stable nanoscale materials, Nanomagnetism

Email: ajeet[dot]srivastav[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91-712-280 1351

Home Page:  https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/ajeetkumarsrivastav/

Dr. Avishkar B. Rathod

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest:  Wear, Physical Metallurgy, Particulate Technology, and Steel and Iron Making

Email: avishkarrathod[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91-712-280 2298

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/abrathod

Dr.  Amrut V. Agasti

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest:  Solar Cells, Energy Materials, Electrochemistry, Batteries and Extraction of non-ferrous metals

Email: amrutagasti[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91-712-280 2296

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/avagasti

Dr. Chaitanya A. Joshi

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest:  Mathematical modeling of microstructure evolution

Email: chaitanyajoshi[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91-712-280 2297

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/chaitanyajoshi

Dr. Seelam Rajasekhar Reddy

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest:  Thermomechanical processing, Physical Metallurgy, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, High Entropy Alloys, Creep and Superplasticity

Email: srreddy[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91-712-280 2311

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/srreddy/

Dr. Yarlagadda Madhavi

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest:  Surface Engineering, Fatigue, Corrosion, Wear & Tribology

Email: y[dot]madhavi[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91-712-280 2310

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/ymadhavi/

Dr. Anil Kumar

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest:  Wear & Tribology, Corrosion, Thermal Spraying, Metallic glass coating, Nanomechanical properties, Process-Structure-Property relationship, Polymer composite

Email: kumar[dot]anilsah14[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Office No.: +91-712-280 2322

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/anilkumar/

Dr. Abhinav Arya

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest:  Severe Plastic Deformation, Wire Drawing, Crystallographic Texture, Additive Manufacturing, Hydrogen Embrittlement

Email: abhinav[at]mme[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Mobile No.: +91 96206 99344

Home Page: https://mme.vnit.ac.in/people/aarya/

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Satish Shrivastav
Visiting Faculty
Details: PhD(Finance), Financial Consultant  and  Strategic Financial Adviser. Founder & Principal Director of “SMART” an academy for professional courses like C.A , C.F.A & MBA. Ex Joint Director of CAPS. Teaching experience of more than three decades, (subject  FINANCE)