Ramendra Gupta

Topic: Synthesis of Ultra fine grain structured Aluminium-Graphite Composite

Supervisors: D. R. Peshwe


Sneha Dandekar

Topic: Study of Borosilicate minerals occuring in Sakoli group of rocks, Western Bastar Craton, India

Supervisors: D. R. Peshwe


Dipak Dhanke

Topic: Evaluation of Creep Behaviour of Indigenously Developed Alloy 617M

Supervisors: D. R. Peshwe, A. V. Agasti


Saurabh Suranshe

Topic: Anodic material for Lithium ion battery

Supervisors: A. P. Patil


Ankit Agrawal

Topic: Effect of welding on corrosion of stainless steel

Supervisors: A. P. Patil

Yogesh Prabhu

Topic: Composition optimization of bulk metallic glass for Bio-implant application

Supervisors: J. G. Bhatt


Juhi Verma

Topic: Investigation on biocompatible composition in bulk metallic glasses

Supervisors: J. G. Bhatt


Jitendra Chavhan

Topic: Electroactive polyamide and its composites for anti corrosive applications

Supervisors: R. C. Rathod


Santosh Gupta

Topic: Welding and intergranular corrosion of stainless steel

Supervisors: R. C. Rathod


Mohana Krishna Chaudhary (Part time)

Topic: Development of creep cavitation model under multi-axial state of stress for INRAFM steel

Supervisors: A. R. Ballal, D. R. Peshwe

Ritesh Wahane

Topic: Brazing of superalloys for gas turbine applications

Supervisors: A. R. Ballal, A. A. Likhite


Prasanna Dupare

Topic: Fatigue behaviour of Nickel based super-alloy at high temperature

Supervisors: A. R. Ballal, M. M. Thawre


Tushar Dandekar

Topic: Deformation and recrystallization in lean duplex stainless steel

Supervisors: R. K. Khatirkar


Diksha Mahadule

Topic: Deformation and recrystallization behaviour of Titanium alloy

Supervisors: R. K. Khatirkar


R. Anil Kumar (part time)

Topic: Structure – property correlation of additively Manufactured Metals

Supervisors: R. K. Khatirkar, C. A. Joshi

Vishesh Agrawal

Topic: Study of In-situ prepared Aluminium Metal Matrix composite via stir casting

Supervisors: Y. Y. Mahajan


Ashish Thakur

Topic: Study of Mechanical behaviour of Aluminium based metal matrix composite reinforced with ceramic particulates

Supervisors: Y. Y. Mahajan, D. R. Peshwe


Ujjawal Pathak

Topic: Weldability of dissimilar joints between stainless steel and Ni-based Superalloys

Supervisors: R. V. Taiwade


Ashish Fande

Topic: Microstructure, Mechanical and Electrochemical Evaluation of Austenitic Stainless Steel ATIG welded joint

Supervisors: R. V. Taiwade


Laukik Raut (QIP candidate)

Topic: Study of Microstructure And Mechanical Properties of Wire Arc Additively Manufactured Bimetallic Structure

Supervisors: R. V. Taiwade

Dhiraj Narayane (part time)

Topic: Functional properties improvement and corrosion of shape memory alloy

Supervisors: R. V. Taiwade


Sandeep Kale

Topic: High cycle fatigue behaviour of 617M alloy

Supervisors: M. M. Thawre, D. R. Peshwe


Shubham Dwivedi

Topic: High temperature behaviour of Ni based super-alloy

Supervisors: M. M. Thawre, A. R. Ballal


Suresh Bandi

Topic: Formation Pathways and Growth Mechanisms of Metal Oxide/Graphene Nanostructures

Supervisors: A. K. Srivastav


Pawan Kumar Bohane

Topic: Designing of Aluminium alloy for electrical application

Supervisors: A. K. Srivastav, Trushar Gohil


Nitin Rajeshwar Linge

Topic: Nanostructured materials for functional applications

Supervisors: A. K. Srivastav, Prabhat Sharma