The department actively pursues research and development especially in applied areas with emphasis on collaborative effort.

After the initial development period of 5 to 7 years for establishing laboratories and other facilities, the department has taken up rock mechanics and ground control, environmental issues of mineral industry, excavation engineering as thrust area. Some of the research subjects taken up are development of new supports, rock support interaction studies, development of classification system for roof quality and roof falls, innovations in blasting and geo-statistical modeling of roof quality, water pollution, trace element migration studies, surface environment modeling, dust control and socio-economics.


International Collaborative Research:

The department successfully completed two collaborative project of three year each with Earth Resources Centre (U.K.) in the area of Impact of Mining on Tropical Forests(1990-1994) and with Camborne School of Mines, U K in the area of Mining and Environment (2003-2006).

Now the department is exploring a possibility of International collaborative project with University of Newcastle, UK and other countries in various research areas.


Research Projects:

Collaborative research project in collaboration with coal industry in the area of “Mine Environment” (project expenditure: 2.26 lakhs) and another project ( 10.0 lakhs) is funded by MHRD in the area of slope stability has recently completed.  The research project entitled “Use of OB material for stowing, (39.25 lakhs)” is under progress in collaboration with MOIL.  Some more research proposal are on risk and vulnerability and dust are submitted to the funding agencies.


Research Projects:


  • Mine Environment & Human Health, British Council, 2004
  • Investigation on Influence of Geological Characteristics on the Design of Benches and Slopes in opencast mines of Wardha Valley coalfields, MHRD, 2005
  • Investigations on feasibility of conversion of energy from exhaust air from mine into electrical energy, Western Coalfields Ltd., 2006
  • Investigations on feasibility of the method of isolation of the galleries lying beneath the Wardha river at Ghugus Opencast Mine, Western Coalfields Ltd., 2004
  • Technical & Feasibility study of overburden rock of Dongri Buzurg & Kandri Mine for consolidated stowing in underground mines,MOIL Ltd Nagpur, 2012-2017.

Major Research Areas:


  • Numerical Modeling of underground and surface excavations
  • Rock Mechanics and Ground Control
  • Safety Management and Risk Assesment in mines
  • Computer modeling for mine ventilation
  • Blast optimization and rock classification
  • Impact of mining on the environment,
  • Assessment and control of Ground vibration and Fly rocks due to blasting
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Dust control in mines
  • Stability of slopes and dumps
  • Socio-economic aspects of mineral industry