Network Centre 

The Network Centre (NC) primarily caters to the Internet Access requirements throughout the institute that includes Departments, Sections, Centers, Main Administrative Building, Hostels, Guest House, and CDEEP.  Connectivity is also provided to remote locations like the Health Center, Security Cameras installed on the Gates, Quarter Wi-Fi network, etc. The institute has a Campus-wide fiber optic gigabit network with High End Central Core switch at the Network Centre.

VNIT is a member of the National Knowledge Network (NKN) of the Government of India through which connectivity of 1 Gbps is provisioned. The internet access to the institute is also available from various service providers, through which the bandwidth available is around 132 Mbps.

The Network Centre manages the annual maintenance of the desktops of the entire institute. It also operates and maintains the well-equipped Online Virtual Classroom created under the NKN project.

The Network Centre has developed and is maintaining the institute and department websites. The Network Centre also manages institute mail server and provide e-mail services to all staff and students.

The Network Centre has a Blade Server with 12 TB of Storage space and 10 Blades on which the Web Server, Mail Server, Proxy servers, DNS Servers, etc. are hosted.