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Projects-Diamond Jubilee-2020

“Projects – Diamond Jubilee-2020”

Construction of Engine lab with thrust on electrical vehicle and Metallurgy Labs



Construction of One additional floor of Guest House with Seminar Hall



Construction of Dining Hall for the new Guest House of 200 capacity



To setup of water body near to Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)



Landscaping near ‘Chandrama’ without affecting its originality


Development of playground and sports facilities near students hostels




Installation of 10 ft height Bronze statue of Sir M. Visvesvaraya with pedestal nearby Administrative Building



Beautification and Landscaping from main gate to Administrative Building

Additional Sport Complex with facilities of running tracks, two tennis ground, football ground, stadium etc.

  • Tennis Court                                                                                                           
  • Open Stadium                                                                            
  • Approach road and electrification   
  • Football Ground, running tracks, related Civil works



Centrally Air Conditioned Convention Center of 2500 capacity with all modern sound and acoustic facilities