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In the academics, research and Human Resource domain, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology maintain its brilliant legacy of Excellent in 2021-2022. Its green cover and outstanding resource management earned it the Mahatma Gandhi National Counselling of Rural Educations District Green champion Award. VNIT is proud to host the space technology Incubation Centre, which was established by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

VNIT, Nagpur has been ranked thirty as per NIRF 2021 in engineering category and 17th in Architecture. As per the Asia University ranking 2021, VNIT is ranked in the range of 301-350. According to the world ranking 2021, VNIT is ranked among the best 1001-1200 world renowned institutes.

Annual Reports

 1] Annual Report & Annual Account  2009-2010
  2] Annual Report & Annual Account 2010-2011
  3] Annual Report & Annual Account 2011-2012
  4] Annual Report & Annual Account 2012-2013
  5] Annual Report & Annual Account 2013-2014
  6] Annual Report & Annual Account 2014-2015
  7] Annual Report & Annual Account 2015-2016
  8] Annual Report & Annual Account 2016-2017 (ENG / HINDI)
  9] Annual Report & Annual Account 2017-2018 (ENG / HINDI)
10] Annual Report & Annual Account 2018-2019 (ENG HINDI)
11] Annual Report & Annual Account 2019-2020 (ENG / HINDI)
12] Annual Report & Annual Account 2020-2021 (ENG / HINDI)
13] Annual Report & Annual Account 2021-2022 (ENG / HINDI)

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Associate Dean, Public Relations :

Dr. Rashmi Uddanwadiker

Social Media Champions

Dr. Meera Dhabu

Youtube, In-Charge

Dr. Abhishek Banarjee

Twitter, Linkedin In-Charge

Dr. Sarika Bahadure

Facebook, In-Charge

Ms. Bhagyashree Nagpure

Office Associate

Eminent Visitors at VNIT