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Registrar: Dr. S.R. Sathe

   OFFICE 0712-2801364
   E-MAIL ID   registrar[at]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in
  1. The Registrar is responsible to the Director for the proper discharge of his function
  2. He is the custodian of record and common seal of the Institute and such other property of the Institute as the Board of Governors commit to his charge.
  3. He deals with legal matters pertaining to administration.
  4. He is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Institute.

Joint Registrar (Stores) : Mr. D. M. Parate

   OFFICE 0712-2801369
   E-MAIL ID   storesofficer[at]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Procurement of material such as, stationary, liveries, equipment, etc. as per the sanction / approval from the appropriate authority. Maintain updated record of all the purchases and their settlement and to Supervise, monitor and guide the sub-ordinates working under him, in performance of their duties.

Dy. Registrar (Academic) : Mr. Nikhil Chingalwar

   OFFICE 0712-2801365
   E-MAIL ID   dr_acd[at]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Deals with all academic matters such as admission (UG, PG and Ph.D.), enrollment, issuing of identity cards, maintaining personal record of students admitted, assisting the Dean (Academic) and the Director in preparation and maintenance of academic calendar, conduct of examinations, conduct of convocation, award of degrees, awards, medals, issuing transfer certificate, migration certificate, bonafide certificate, degrees, and maintaining the record of legal cases arising out of academic matters.

Joint Registrar (Admn.) : Dr. S. M. Deshmukh

   E-MAIL ID  dr_admn[at]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Subject to the direct control & supervision of the Registrar and to the extent as may be directed by him, the Deputy Registrar(ADMN.) will carry on the duties as follows:-

  1. Correspondence with Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya) and other outside agencies.
  2. To draft agenda & minutes for Senate, BWC, FC & BoG as per directives of competent authorities.
  3. General supervision of Institute.
  4. Such other matters as may be allotted by the competent authority from time to time.

Joint Registrar (Accounts) : Mr. S. S. Jagdale

   OFFICE 0712-2801366
   E-MAIL ID   dr_acct[at]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

1. Supervising, monitoring and providing guidance to the sub-ordinates working in Accounts Section;
2. Preparation and presentation of Annual budget, revised budget estimates, Annual plan of the Institute and submission thereof to the Finance Committee and Board of Governors of the Institute and other related correspondence with MoE/ Other govt. agencies regarding Grant-in-aid from MoE/ R&D projects funds Utilization Certificates/ TEQIP Accounts and related matters, updating of expenditure on PFMS portal etc.
3. Finalization of Annual Accounts (including GPF accounts) of the Institute in the format prescribed by MoE for CFTIs;
4.  Render secretarial assistance in Finance Committee, BoG meetings of the Institute;
5. Dealing with Income Tax of the employees / Contractors and issuance of Form-16/ 16A, Professional Tax, GST and all other taxation related matters, Liaisoning with Chartered Accountant for timely remittance of taxes, filing of various statutory returns etc.
6. Disbursement of salary, pension, scholarships, honorarium, remunerations, contractual payments, payment against bills, Cash advances and settlement thereof, other personal claims etc. in terms of Central Government rules and orders/ GFRs etc.
7. Reconciliation of Academic Fees, income from seminars/ workshops/ Testing Consultancy projects and other receipts of the Institute and proper accounting thereof
8. Liaisoning with banks having Institute accounts, monitoring all day to day transactions including management of Investments of the Institute.
9. Coordinating with C&AG in connection with Certification/ Transaction audits of the Institute, furnishing replies to the Half margins/ Draft SAR/ IR etc. issued by Audit and maintaining records thereof. Arrange timely submission of SAR to the Ministry for placing it on the table of both houses of the Parliament. Ensuring timely conduct of Internal Audit and resolution of the audit queries
10. To carry out any other duties assigned by Institute authorities from time to time.

Assistant Registrar (Establishment)

To deal with all the matters pertaining to personal management / establishment of the staff appointed on regular, temporary, ad-hoc or contractual engagement. Maintain record of every individual on the strength of the V.N.I.T., whether permanent or temporary. Maintain Service Book record and process the matters pertaining to appointment, engagement, promotion, service conditions, disciplinary matters, leave, Leave Travel Concession, Police Verification, deputation of staff on official duties, preparation of salary bills, pension bills and any other matter assigned by the authorities and to supervise, monitor and guide the sub-ordinates working under him, in performance of their duties.