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RTI Details/2/2

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Budget and Programme

 2.2  Foreign and domestic tours (F.No. 1/8/2012- IR dt. 11.9.2012) 


          As per CPDA norms, each faculty member is entitled three lakhs within a span of three years for attending paper presentation and visit to renowned universities research facility. Other domestic and foreign visits are funded by various projects.


 Foreign and domestic Tours by ministries and officials of the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government and above, as well as the heads of the Department.- (a) Places visited,   (b) The period of visit, (c) The number of members in the official delegation, (d) Expenditure on the visit


  • 2023-2024
  • 2022-2023
  • 2020-2021
  • 2019-2020

  1. NIL

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  2. Participation in international/national conference in India and Abroad for 2018-19- refer Annual book to 218


 Information related to procurements- (a) Notice/tender enquires, and corrigenda if any thereon, (b) Details of the bids awarded comprising the names of the suppliers of goods/ services being procured, (c) The works contracts concluded – in any such combination of the above-and, (d) The rate/ rates and the total amount at which such procurement or works contract is to be executed. 

Procurement for the year – 2023-24

Procurement for the year – 2022-23

Procurement for the year – 2021-22

Procurement for the year – 2020-21

Procurement for the year – 2019-20