Events Host Institute Duration Performance
 Cricket-M VNIT Nagpur 10th to 15th Jan 2006 Runner up
 Table Tennis-M/W W- Winner
M- Winner
 Basketball-W NIT Rourkela 19th to 21st Jan 2006 Runner up
 Lawn Tennis-M Runner up


 Volleyball-M SVNIT Surat 9th to 11th of February 2007 S/F
 Badminton-W MNIT Jaipur 23rd to 25th of February ‘07 Winner
 Basketball-W S/F
 Lawn Tennis-M S/F
 Table Tennis-M/W M-Winner


 Football-M NIT Raurkela 4th to 8th 0f Oct.07 Winner
 Badminton-M/W MNIT Jaipur 22nd -24th Feb. 08 W-Winner
 Chess Winner
 Volleyball-M S/F
 Basketball-W S/F
 Table Tennis-M M- S/F
 Football-M S/F
 Lawn Tennis-M S/F


 Badminton-W MNIT Jaipur 20th to 22nd of February ’09 Winner
 Volleyball-M Winner
 Table Tennis-M/W M- Winner
W- Winner
 Basketball-W Runner up
 Football-M S/F
 Cricket-M NIT Trichy 10th to 12th of December ’08 Runner up


 Football-M VNIT Nagpur 23rd to 25th  of January’10 Winner
 Table Tennis Winner
 Cricket-M Winner


 Cricket-M VNIT Nagpur 21st to 23rd of January 2011 Runner
 Football-M Runner
 Volleyball-M Runner
 Table Tennis-M Runner
 Table Tennis-W Winner
 Badminton-M Runner
 Badminton-W Winner
 Basketball-M Winner


 Football-M VNIT Nagpur 20th  to 22nd  of January 2012 Winner
 Table Tennis-M Winner
 Basketball-M Winner
 Chess Runner


 Table Tennis- M NIT Trichy 2nd Feb to 5th Feb’2013 Third Place
 Kabaddi- M Third Place
 Badminton M/W SVNIT Surat 1st to 3rd of March 2013 W-Winner
M- S/F
 Kho-Kho -M Winner


 Volleyball-W NIT Warangal 3rd to 5th  of January 2014 Third Place
 Throw ball-W Third Place
 Table Tennis(-W NIT Surathkal 9th to 12th January 2014 Third Place
 Kho-Kho-M Winner
 Athletics NIT Trichi 9th to 12th of February 2014 Bronze Medal-1
Silver Medal-1
 Badminton-M S/F
 Basketball-W S/F
 Chess-M/W M- Runner Up
W-Third Place


 Athletics NIT Rourkela 23rd to 25th of January 2014 Silver Medals-2
Bronze Medals-3
 Cricket-M NIT Allahabad 13th  to 15th  of February 2015 S/F
 Kho-Kho-M NIT Agartala 19th to 21st February 2015 Winner
 Table Tennis-W MANIT Bhopal 21st to 23rd of March 2015  Runner up
 Chess-M/W SVNIT Surat 3rd to 5th of April 2015 M- Third Position,
W- Runner Up


 Kabaddi-M NIT Rourkela 11th to 13th of February 2016 S/F
 Kho- Kho-W Winner
 Lawn Tennis-M/W SVNIT Surat 11th to 13th of March 2016 W- Winner
M- Third place
 Volleyball-M Runner up
 Basketball-M NIT Calicut 26th to 29th of March 2016 Runner up
 Cricket-M Winner


 Basketball -M MNIT Jaipur 5th to 7th November 2016 S/F
 Kabaddi -M Third place
 Cricket-M  NIT Rourkela 27th  to 30th  January 2017  Third Place
 Swimming-M Gold Medal-2       Silver Medals-3    Bronze Medals-4
 Weight lifting/ Power   Lifting NIT Kurukshetra 4th   to 6th   March 2017  Body building-
1-Gold Medal  and Power lifting
1- Bronze Medal
 Kho-Kho-M NIT Surathkal 17th  to 19th  March 2017  Third Place
 Lawn Tennis-M/W NIT Trichi 24th   to 26th   March 2017 M- S/F


 Kho-Kho -W NIT Agartala 26th  to 28th  of October 2017 Winner
 Athletics-M/W MNIT Jaipur 3rd to 5th  Nov 2017  Gold Medal-1
Bronze Medal-2
 Power Lifting -M Silver Medal-1
 Body Building-M  Gold Medal-1
 Kabaddi-M NIT Surathkal 12th  to 14th  of Jan. 2018 Winner
 Swimming- M/W Gold Medal-7                Silver Medal-10 Bronze Medal-7 Women team – Runner up
 Lawn Tennis-W NIT Warangal 27th  to 29th  of January 2018 Winner
 Table  Tennis-W NIT Kurukshetra 22nd  to 25th  of February 2018 Third place
 Chess -W Third place