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Humanities & Social Sciences is one of the academic departments of V.N.I.T. Nagpur. The Department offers various courses in English, Psychology and Sociology for undergraduate and Post graduate students. These courses focus on the ethics, arts, cognition and human values with professional ethics. The Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences always organize society oriented programs to create the social responsibility among the students. The main aim of this department is to involve entire range of knowledge pertinent to human relationship with society interaction and teaching towards problems solving the nation. Through the various courses students, develop their communication skills, social skills, organizational behavior, HRM techniques and stress management. The Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences promotes among the engineers good habit, etiquettes and morals to enter the world of world to serve the society at large. With the help of departmental subjects, an engineer becomes aware about social fiber, threat values, morels and also the problems of Indian society.

           The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences organized various activities Conferences, Workshops, FDPs and STTP for the faculty members from various institutions from different parts of the country, Various activities for the students in Campus i. e. Poster Exhibition, Debate Competition, Say no to Crackers , Personality Development Program for Mess Workers and interaction with Senior Citizen for overall development of the students.

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