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About the Mechanical Engineering Department, VNIT Nagpur

Department of Mechanical Engineering is the oldest department started from the inception of the institute (1960). Over the last Six decades, we have grown our expertise and competence in the core Mechanical Engineering curriculum and research. The Department has one UG program (B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering), three PG programs (M. Tech in Industrial Engineering, CAD/CAM and Heat Power Engineering). The department also offers the PhD program. The department is devoted to quality teaching, outstanding research and development activities with its highly qualified 30 faculty members. Department has shown significant contribution in research in the domains like bio-medical engineering, CFD, robotics, solar energy and advanced machining. The department handles research projects funded by various agencies having total outlay of 10 Crores. Department has filed 31 patents and 4 are granted. Three technologies have been successfully transferred to industries. The department organizes training programs/workshops at regular intervals. In the recent past, department has hosted IPRoMM-2016, one of the reputed conferences in India. The vision of the department is to produce a quality human resource of a high stranded in mechanical engineering who can contribute favorably to the technological and socioeconomic development of the nation.


To produce quality human resource of high standard in mechanical engineering who can contribute favorably to the technological and socio-economic development of the nation.


To develop state of the art facilities related to mechanical engineering. To attract highly qualified faculty to the mechanical engineering department. To promote participation of industries in academic research and consultancy. To undertake research at regional and national level.

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