Accepted Paper List

SR ID Paper ID Paper Title
#1 6 Identification of Image Forgery based on various Corner Detection methods
#2 9 Anomaly Detection in ATM Vestibules using Three-stream Deep Learning Approach
#3 10 MIS-Net: A deep residual network based on memorised pooling indices for medical image segmentation
#4 14 HD-VAE-GAN: Hiding Data with Variational Autoencoder Generative Adversarial Networks
#5 15 Share-GAN: A Novel Shared Task Training in Generative Adversarial Networks for Data Hiding
#6 16 Hiding Video in Images: Harnesssing Adversarial Learning on Deep 3D-Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks
#7 18 fastText Based Siamese Network for Hindi Semantic Textual Similarity
#8 21 An Explainable Transfer Learning based approach for Detecting Face Mask
#9 25 Left Ventricle Segmentation of 2D Echocardiography Using Deep Learning
#10 29 Multi Modal 2-D Canvas based Gallery Content Retrieva
#11 30 Dense Network for Estimation of Primary Quantization Matrix of Double Compressed JPEG Images: An Adversarial Analysis
#12 34 A Segmentation Based Robust Fractional Variational Model for Motion Estimation
#13 35 FlashGAN: Generating Ambient Images from Flash Photographs
#14 37 CT Image Synthesis from MR Image using Edge-aware Generative Adversarial Network
#15 38 Modified Scaled-YOLOv4: Soccer Player and Ball Detection for Real Time Implementation
#16 39 CandidNet: A Novel Framework for Candid Moments Detection
#17 41 Cost Efficient Defect Detection in Bangle Industry Using Transfer Learning
#19 44 Leveraging Tri-Planar Views and Weighted Average Fusion Technique to Classify Lung Nodule Malignancy
#20 45 A Bayesian Approach to Gaussian-Impulse Noise Removal using Hessian Norm Regularization
#21 46 DeepTemplates: Object Segmentation Using Shape Templates
#22 47 Data-Centric Approach to SAR-Optical Image Translation
#23 53 Linear and Non-Linear Filter-based Counter-Forensics Against Image Splicing Detection
#24 54 Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation in CT Perfusion Images Using U-Net with Group Convolutions
#25 59 Multi-Generator MD-GAN with Reset Discriminator : A Framework to handle Non-IID Data
#26 61 Video Colorization using Modified Autoencoder Generative Adversarial Networks
#27 62 Real-time Violence Detection using Deep Neural Networks and DTW
#28 64 Skin Disease Detection using Saliency Maps and Segmentation Techniques
#29 66 An alternate approach for single image haze removal using path prediction
#30 69 Detecting Tropical Cyclones in INSAT-3D Satellite Images using CNN-based model
#31 70 Two Stream RGB-LBP based Transfer Learning Model for Face Anti-Spoofing
#32 72 Logarithmic Progressive-SMOTE: Oversampling Minorities in Retinal Fundus Multi-Disease Image Dataset
#33 73 Optimized Reactive navigation through 3D sensor based obstacle perception in AGV
#35 77 Sequence Recognition in Bharatnatyam dance
#36 79 Multi-modality fusion for Siamese Network based RGB-T Tracking (mfSiamTrack)
#37 84 Automated mapping of changes in built-up areas for map updating: a case study in Northern Italy
#38 85 Adaptive Learning for Leather Image Pre-processing using GAN
#39 93 Improved Classification of Metal Workload Using One Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network and SMOTE Technique
#40 94 Automated Sulcus Depth Measurement on Axial Knee MR Images
#41 98 Mish-DCTGAN based combined image super-resolution and deblurring approach for blurry License Plates
#42 101 LiSHT: Non-Parametric Linearly Scaled Hyperbolic Tangent Activation Function for Neural Networks
#43 105 Plant Disease Classification Using Hybrid Features
#44 107 Analyzing Hydro-Estimator INSAT-3D Time Series with Outlier Detection
#45 108 Scalable Architecture for Mining Big Earth Observation Data: SAMBEO
#46 113 An Efficient Deep Transfer Learning Approach for Classification of Skin Cancer Images
#47 115 Computer Vision based Mechanism for detecting Fire and its Classes
#48 116 A Random Forest-based No-Reference Quality Metric for UGC Videos
#49 117 Endmember Extraction with Unknown Number of Sources for Hyperspectral Unmixing
#50 118 Advancement In Spectrum Sensing Algorithms In Cognitive Radio Architecture
#51 119 Fast detection and rule based classification of Bharatanatyam hasta mudra
#52 121 MFNet: A Facial Recognition Pipeline for Masked Faces Using FaceNet
#53 124 Deep Learning based Novel Cascaded Approach for Skin Lesion Analysis
#54 125 Attending Local and Global Features for Image Caption Generation
#55 127 An Efficient Flower Classification System using Feature Fusion
#56 129 A Study on an Ensemble Model for Automatic Classification of Melanoma from Dermoscopy Images
#57 132 Challenges in Data Extraction From Graphical Labels in the Commercial Products
#58 138 A Novel Deep Learning Method for Thermal to Annotated Thermal-Optical Fused Images
#59 140 A Compact-Structured Convolutional Neural Network for Single Image Denoising and Super-Resolution
#60 144 A case study of rice paddy field detection using Sentinel-1 time series in northern Italy -
#61 148 The UNICT-TEAM vision modules for the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge 2020
#62 150 ResUNet: An Automated Deep Learning Model for Image Splicing Localization
#63 155 An Efficient Residual Convolutional Neural Network with Attention Mechanism for Smoke Detection in Outdoor Environment
#64 160 Expeditious Object Pose Estimation for Autonomous Robotic Grasping
#65 163 SRTGAN: Triplet Loss based Generative Adversarial Network for Real-World Super-Resolution
#66 169 Machine Learning Based Webcasting Analytics for Indian Elections - Reflections on Deployment
#67 171 Real-time Plant Species Recognition using Non-Averaged DenseNet-169 Deep Learning Paradigm
#68 174 Self Similarity Matrix based CNN Filter Pruning
#69 175 Class Agnostic, On-Device and Privacy Preserving Repetition Counting of Actions from Videos using Similarity Bottleneck
#70 178 Vehicle ReID: Learning Robust Feature using Vision Transformer and Gradient Accumulation for Vehicle Re-identification
#71 180 Attention Residual Capsule Network for Dermoscopy Image Classification
#72 182 SAMNet : Semantic Aware Multimodal Network for Emoji Drawing Classification
#73 183 Segmentation of Smoke Plumes Using Fast Local Laplacian Filtering
#74 185 Rain Streak Removal via Spatio-channel based Spectral Graph CNN for Image Deraining
#75 186 Integration of GAN and Adaptive Exposure Correction for Shadow Removal
#76 188 Non-invasive Haemoglobin Estimation using Different Colour and Texture Features of Palm
#77 195 Detection of Coal Quarry and Coal Dump Regions Using the Presence of Mine Water Bodies from Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS Images
#78 198 An AI based approach to predict BI- RADS Score in detecting Breast cancer over Mammograms
#79 200 Brain tumor grade detection using Transfer learning and Residual Multi-head Attention Network
#80 203 A curated dataset for spinach species identification
#81 207 Mobile Captured Glassboard Image Enhancement
#82 208 Computing Digital Signature by Transforming 2D Image to 3D: A Geometric Perspective
#83 210 Varietal Classification of Wheat Seeds using Hyperspectral Imaging Technique and Machine Learning Models
#85 221 Deep Dilated Convolutional Network for Single Image Dehazing
#86 228 T2CI-GAN: Text to Compressed Image generation using Generative Adversarial Network
#87 229 Robust Differential Face Morphing Attack Detection in On-The-Fly Face Verification with Variation in Image Resolution and Capture Distance
#88 232 Prediction of Fire Signatures Based on Fractional Order Optical Flow and Convolution Neural Network
#89 239 Colonoscopy Polyp Classification Adding Generated Narrow Band Imaging
#90 240 Multi-class Weather Classification using Single image via feature fusion and selection
#91 241 Scene Text Detection with Gradient Auto Encoders
#92 244 A Novel Scheme for Adversarial Training to Improve the Robustness of DNN Against White Box Attacks
#93 248 Solving Diagrammatic Reasoning Problems Using Deep Learning
#94 249 Bird Species Classification from images using Deep Learning
#95 251 Statistical Analysis of Hair Detection and Removal Techniques using Dermoscopic Images
#96 252 Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition using Dense Connections in YOLOv4
#97 255 Novel Image and its Compressed Image Based on VVC Standard, Pair Data Set for Deep Learning Image and Video Compression Applications
#98 256 FAV-Net: A Simple Single-Shot Self-Attention Based ForeArm-Vein Biometric
#99 257 Low-Textural Image Registration: Comparative Analysis of Feature Descriptors
#100 261 Structure-Based Learning for Robust Defense Against Adversarial Attacks in Autonomous Driving Agents
#101 263 Improvising the CNN Feature maps Through Integration of Channel Attention for Handwritten Text Recognition
#102 266 XAIForCOVID-19: A comparative analysis of various explainable AI techniques for COVID-19 diagnosis using chest x-ray images
#103 267 Features Assimilation via Three-Stream Deep Networks for Spam Attack Detection from Images
#104 270 A Transformer based UNet Architecture for fast and Efficient Image Demoireing
#105 271 Auxiliary CNN for graspability modeling with 3D point clouds and images for robotic grasping
#106 273 Face Presentation Attack Detection Using Remote Photoplethysmography Transformer Model
#107 278 MTFL: Multi-task federated learning for classification of healthcare X-ray images
#108 281 Human Voice: Speech-based Automatic Prediction of Hirability Traits.
#109 282 Tomato Ripeness Detection and Tracking, Counting Using YOLOv5, Deep Sort, and PyTorch
#110 284 Pneumonia Detection Using Deep Learning Based Feature Extraction and Machine Learning
#111 285 Classification of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images using a modified DenseNet model
#112 286 Robust Statistical Enhancement Techniques for High-Density Impulse Noise Reduction
#113 288 Combining Non-Local Sparse and Residual Channel Attentions for Single Image Super-resolution Across Modalities
#114 289 An End-to-End Fast No-Reference Video Quality Predictor with Spatiotemporal Feature Fusion
#115 292 Low-Intensity Human Activity Recognition Framework using Audio Data in an Outdoor Environment
#116 297 Detection of Narrow River Trails with the Presence of Highways from Landsat 8 OLI Images
#117 298 Unsupervised Image to Image translation for multiple retinal pathology synthesis in optical coherence tomography scans
#118 301 Combining Deep-learned and Hand-crafted Features for Segmentation, Classification and Counting of Colon Nuclei in H&E Stained Histology Images
#120 306 An Ensemble Approach for Moving Vehicle Detection and Tracking by using Ni Vision Module
#121 307 Leaf Spot Disease Severity Measurement in Terminalia Arjuna using Optimized Superpixels