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Workshops held under GIAN

Sr.No.  Name of the Coordinator Title Duration
1. Dr. Prabhat Sharma Advanced Wireless Communication Systems: A PHY Layer Perspective 12 -17 Dec. 2016
2. Prabhat Sharma Fundamentals of Optical Wireless Communication by Prof. Julian Cheng (Professor at University of British Columbia, Canada). 14 – 19 Jan., 2018
3. Deep Gupta (Jan. 2018)  Advanced Medical Imaging: Wireless Endoscopy Analysis

by Dr. Petia Radeva (University of Barcelona, Spain)

02-06 Jan., 2018
4. Dr. R.K. Keshri

Dr. H.M. Suryawanshi

GIAN Course on Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles, Foreign Professor, Giuseppe Buja, Life Fellow IEEE, University of Padova, Italy 07-12 Dec., 2016
5. Dr. Pradyumn Chaturvedi Advanced Power Electronics for Future Energy Systems 2018 08 – 12 Jan., 2018