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Network Troubleshooting

Contact Numbers of Network Centre Engineers

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Networking Related Queries

NameContact Number
 Mr. Mangesh Mirashe, Technical AssociateExtension: 1878
 Mr. Krishna Patel, Technical OfficerExtension: 1598
 Mrs. Meenakshi Bheevgade, Sr. Technical OfficerExtension: 1291

Email Related Queries

NameContact Number
 Mr. Vijendrasinh Thakur, Technical OfficerExtension: 1590
 Mr. Mangesh Mirashe, Technical AssociateExtension: 1878
 Mrs. Meenakshi Bheevgade, Sr. Technical OfficerExtension: 1291

Website Related Queries

Email to:

NameContact Number
 Mrs. Krutika N. Bambal, Technical Assistant (S.G.-II)    Extension: 1878 / 1586
 Dr. Poonam Sharma, Assistant Professor, CSE Dept.    Extension: 1596
 Dr. R. B. Keskar, Associate Professor, CSE Dept.    Extension: 1558


MIS Related Queries

NameContact Number
Mr. Krishna Prasad Bonothu, Technical Officer, Network Center0712-2801876
Mr. Nikhil Naukarkar, Technical Officer, Network Center0712-2801876
Ms. Tejal Zade, Technical Associate, Network Center0712-2801878


Computer Service Number

 Note: Computer problem/Network troubleshooting  following are the contact numbers of Service Engineers


NameContact Number
Mr. Vaibhav Dahiwale8806409377
Mr. Akshay Mange8390452252

For any clarification/ problem, kindly contact Network Center-

  • 0712-2801878
  • 0712-2801598
  • 0712-2801590
  • 0712-2801039
  • 0712-2801291

If any kind of a Query or Problem not solved, please contact

Mrs. Meenakshi Bheevgade (Sr. Technical Officer) – Extension:1291 / Dr. R. B. Keskar (Associate Dean, IT) – 0712-2801558