Sr No Name Departments
  1  Dr. L.M. Gupta  Applied Mechanics
  2  Dr. Akshay Patil  Architecture & Planning
  3  Dr. (Smt.) Anupama Kumar  Chemistry
  4  Dr. Sachin Mandavgane  Chemical Engineering
  5  Dr. A.V. Deshpande  Physics
  6  Dr. P.S. Deshpande  Computer Science & Engineering
  7  Dr. G.N. Nimbarte  Humanities and Social Sciences
  8  Dr. V. B. Borghate  Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  9  Dr. Jatin Bhatt  Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  10  Dr. Ritesh D. Lokhande  Mining Engineering
  11  Dr. Y.B. Katpatal  Civil Engineering
  12  Dr. S.B. Thombre  Mechanical Engineering
  13  Dr. S. B. Dhok  VLSI and Nanotechnology
  14  Dr. A.G. Keskar  Electronics & Communication Engineering
  15  Dr. G.P. Singh  Mathematics