The Director, V.N.I.T., Nagpur Ex-officioChairman
The Dy. DirectorMember(Ex-officio)
The Professors appointed or recognized as such by the Institute for the purpose of imparting instruction in the Institute.Members
Three persons, one of whom shall be woman not being employees of the Institute, to be nominated by the Chairman in consultation with the Director from amongst educationists of repute, one each from the fields of Science, Engineering and Humanities.Members
Such other members of the staff as may be laid down in the StatutesMembers
6.Registrar, V.N.I.T., Nagpur is the Ex-officio Secretary of Senate.

Present Members

S. N.NameDesignation
1Dr. Pramod M. Padole, Director, VNIT, NagpurChairman
2Prof Ajit Kulkarni,Professor, Material Science and Metallurgical Engg. Dept, IIT Powai, MUMBAI – 400076Member
3Prof. Y. N. Reddy, Mathematics Dept, Registrar I/c, National Institute of Technology, Warangal-506004Member
4Prof(Mrs) Sneha  Deshpande, Head – Economics Dept, RTM University, NagpurMember
5Dr. Shashikant B. Thombre, Dean (Academic), VNIT, NagpurMember
6Dr. R. K. Ingle, Dean (Faculty Welfare), VNIT, NagpurMember
7Dr. G.P. Singh, Dean (Planning & Development), VNIT, NagpurMember
8Dr. B. S. Umare, Dean (Students Welfare), VNIT, NagpurMember
9Dr. V. B. Borghate, Dean (Research & Consultancy), VNIT, NagpurMember
10Dr. M. M. Mahajan, Head-Applied Mechanics Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
11Dr. V. S. Adane, Head-Architecture Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
12Dr. S. S. Umare, Head-Chemistry  Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
13Dr. Mahesh Verma. Head-Chemical Engg Department, VNIT, Nagpur
14Dr. R. S. Gedam, Head-Physics Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
15Dr. U. A. Deshpande, Head-Computer Science Dept,VNIT,Nagpur Member
16Dr. Y. M. Deshpande, Head-Humanities Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
17Dr. M. K. Khedkar, Head – Electrical Dept., VNIT, Nagpur
18Dr. A. P. Patil, Head-Metallurgical & Materials Dept, VNIT, Nagpur.Member
19Dr. N. R. Thote, Head-Mining Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
20Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Head-Civil Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
21Dr. V. R. Kalamkar, Head-Mechanical Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
22Dr. R. B. Deshmukh, Head-Centre for VLSI and Nanotechnolgy Dept and Associate Dean (Public Relations), VNIT, NagpurMember
23Dr. Kishore M. Bhurchandi, Head-Electronics & Communication Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
24Dr. P. P. Chakravarthy, Head-Mathematics Dept, VNIT NagpurMember
Professors (Civil Engg.)
25Dr. V. A. Mhaisalkar, Professor – Civil Engg. VNIT, NagpurMember
26Dr. A. R. Tembhurkar, Professor – Civil Engg. VNIT, NagpurMember
27Dr. Y. B. Katpatal, Professor – Civil Engg, VNIT, NagpurMember
27Dr. D. H. Lataye, Professor – Civil Engg. and Associate Dean(Procuremet and Stores), VNIT, NagpurMember
28Dr. Rahul Vasant Ralegaonkar, Professor- Civil Engg. and Associate Dean (Training & Placement),VNIT, Nagpur
29Dr. Aniruddha D. Ghare, Professor – Civil Engg, VNIT, NagpurMember
30Dr. Vishrut Suresh Landge, Professor – Civil Engineering, VNIT, NagpurMember
Professor (Chemistry)
31Dr. Jayant Dattatraya Ekhe, Professor – Chemistry Dept, VNIT, NagpurMember
Professors (Applied Mechanics)
32Dr. O. R. Jaiswal, Professor – Applied Mechanics, VNIT, NagpurMember
33Dr. L. M. Gupta, Professor – Applied Mechanics , VNIT, NagpurMember
34Dr. G. N. Ronghe, Professor – Applied Chemistry, VNIT, NagpurMember
Professors (Comp. Sci. & Engg.)
35Dr. P. S. Deshpande, Professor – Comp. Sci. & Engg. & Associate Dean (IT: MIS Network & Website), VNIT, NagpurMember
36Dr. U. A. Deshpande, Professor – Comp. Sci. & Engg, VNIT, NagpurMember
Professors (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
37Dr. Avinash G. Keskar, Professor – Electronics & Communication Engg., VNIT, NagpurMember
38Dr. K. D. Kulat, Professor – Electronics & Communication Engg., VNIT, NagpurMember
39Dr. Abhay S. Gandhi, Professor – Electronics & Communication Engg., VNIT, NagpurMember
Professor(Centre for VLSI and Nanotechnology)
40Dr. Rajendra Patrikar, Professor – Centre for VLSI and Nanotechnology, VNIT, Nagpur 
41Dr. A. M. Kuthe, Professor – Mechanical Engg., VNIT, NagpurMember
42Dr. H. T. Thorat, Professor – Mechanical Engg.,VNIT, NagpurMember
43Dr. Animesh N. Chatterjee, Professor – Mechanical Engg., VNIT, NagpurMember
44Dr. P. M. Padole, Professor – Mechanical Engg., NagpurMember
Professors(Electrical Engg.)
45Dr. H. M. Suryawanshi, Professor – Electrical Engg., VNIT, NagpurMember
46Dr. M. V. Aware, Professor – Electrical Engg., VNIT, NagpurMember
47Dr. Madhuri A. Chaudhari, Professor – Electrical Engg., VNIT, NagpurMember
48Dr. A. S. Junghare, Professor – Electrical Engg, VNIT, NagpurMember
49Dr. Makarand Ballal, Professor – Electrical Engg., VNIT, Nagpur Member
Professor(Metallurgical & Materials Engg.)
50Dr. D. R. Peshwe, Professor – Metallurgical & Material Engineering, VNIT, NagpurMember
51Dr. S. G. Sapate, Professor – Metallurgical & Material Engineering,  VNIT, Nagpur.Member
52Dr. Shailendranath Paul, Professor – Metallurgical & Material Engineering,VNIT, Nagpur.Member
Professor(Architecture & Planning)
 53 Dr. Rajashree S. Kotharkar, Prpfessor – Arch. & Planning, VNIT, Nagpur.Member
 54 Dr. V. K. Deshpande, Professor of Physics, VNIT, NagpurMember
 55 Dr. B. R. Sankapal, Professor of Physics, VNIT, NagpurMember
 56 Dr. R. R. Yerpude, Professor of Mining Engineering, VNIT, NagpurMember 
 57 Dr. L. L. Murtheja, Professor of Mining Engineering, VNIT, NagpurMember
Associate Deans
 58 Dr. A. D. Vasudeo, Associate Dean (Civil Works) VNIT,  NagpurInvited Member
 59 Dr. Ratnesh Kumar, Associate Dean (Students Activities and Sports), VNIT,  NagpurInvited Member
60 Dr. Mahesh Varma, Associate Dean (Hostel Affairs) VNIT,  NagpurInvited Member
61 Dr. Jatin Bhatt, Varma, Associate Dean (III Cell & Alumini Activities) VNIT,  NagpurInvited Member
62 Dr. Shailesh R. Sathe, Registrar, VNIT, Nagpur Secretory
Special Invites
1 Shri. N. K. Dakhale, Dy. Registrar (Academics), VNIT, NagpurDy. Registrar (Acad.)
2 Mr. Nikhil Chingulwar, Asst. Regsitrar (Exam), VNIT, NagpurAsst. Reg. (Exam)
Student Representative
1 Nagarimadugu Bhargav Tej Reddy (CSE)UG Academics Affair Secretory
2 Sandeep Soni (CIV) PG Academics Affair Secretory