TEQIP III Committees


Name Contact Details
 Head of the Institution  Dr. Pramod M. Padole,   Director  0712- 2223969 / 2821370(T) , 0712-2223969(F)


 TEQIP III Coordinator  Dr. M V Aware  0712-2801391(T),09373225111(M),0712-2223969(F)

 Email– teqip@vnit.ac.in,mvaware@eee.vnit.ac.in

 Project Nodal Officers for:
 Academic Activities  Dean (Academic)   0712-2801301(T),

  Email – deanacd@vnit.ac.in

 Procurement  & Financial   Aspects  Dean(planning &   Development)   0712-2801300

  Email –deanp_f@vnit.ac.in

 Civil Works including   Environment Management  Dr. A D Vasudeo  0712- 2801254


 Equity Assurance Plan  Mrs. A. Junghare  0712 – 2801214


 Procurement Coordinator  Associate Dean

(Procurement & Stores)


Email – dhlataye@civ.vnit.ac.in

 TEQIP III core committee
 Dr. R K Ingle  0712-2801358


 Dr. Jatin Bhat  0712-2801513

 Email– jatinbhat@mme.vnit.ac.in

 Dr. Ashwin Dhoble  0712-2801152


 Departmental Coordinators
 Dr. (Ms.) D Dutta

Applied Mechanics



 Dr. Pradeep Dhamole

Chemical Engineering


 Email– pdhamole@che.vnit.ac.in

 Dr. R B Deshmukh

Centre for VLSI &   Nanotechnology



 Mr. A D Vasudeo

Civil Engineering



 Mrs. Shital Raut

Computer Science &   Engineering



 Dr. P S Kulkarni

Electrical Engineering


 Email – pskulkarni@eee.vnit.ac.in

 Dr. Joydeep Sengupta

Eelctronics Engineering

 0712- 2801021

 Email– jsengupta @ece.vnit.ac.in

 Dr. Jatin Bhat

Metallurgical &   Materials  Egineering


 Email– jatinbhat@mme.vnit.ac.in

 Dr. P V Ka ne

Mehcanical Engineering



 Dr. Sandeep Panchal

Mining Engineering


 Email– sandeeppanchal@mngivnit.ac.in

 Dr M Devakar



 Email – m_devakar@yahoo.co.inm_devakar@mth.vnit.ac.in

 Dr. G Hemachandra




 Dr. S Nayak



 Email- nksusa@gmail.com