Academic Programs

The institute offers Undergraduate program, Post Graduate and Doctoral research programs in Engineering, Architecture and Sciences discipline. The Under-Graduate i.e. 8  B. Tech. and B. Arch programs, Post Graduate i.e. 18 M.Tech and 3 M.Sc programs, and Doctoral research programs in Engineering & Sciences, Humanities discipline are offered

  • Programs Offered
  • Admission Procedure
  • Students Ratio
  • Examination & Evaluation
  • Duration

Sr.No.ProgramDepartment offering the program
(a)Under Graduate 
1Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering
2Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering
3Computer Science EngineeringComputer Science Engineering
4Electronics & Communication EngineeringElectronics Engineering
5Electrical & Electronics EngineeringElectrical Engineering
6Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
7Metallurgical & Materials EngineeringMetallurgical & Materials Engineering
8Mining EngineeringMining Engineering
B Arch
(b)Post Graduate
1Environmental EngineeringCivil Engineering
2Water Resources EngineeringCivil Engineering
3Construction Technology & ManagementCivil Engineering
4Transportation EngineeringCivil Engineering
5Geo-technical EngineeringCivil Engineering
6VLSI DesignCentre for VLSI and Nano Technology
7Communication System EngineeringElectronics Engineering
8Computer Science EngineeringComputer Science Engineering
9Industrial EngineeringMechanical Engineering
10Heat Power EngineeringMechanical Engineering
11CAD-CAMMechanical Engineering
12Integrated Power SystemElectrical Engineering
13Power Electronics & DrivesElectrical Engineering
14Material EngineeringMetallurgical & Materials Engineering
15Process MetallurgyMetallurgical & Materials Engineering
16Structural Dynamics and Earthquake EngineeringApplied Mechanics
17Structural EngineeringApplied Mechanics
18Urban PlanningArchitecture
19Excavation EngineeringMining Engineering
20Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering
(c)M Sc
(d)Ph. D. (Full / Part Time)All Engineering, Applied Sciences and Humanities department

Under Graduate Programs: B Tech / B Arch – Click Here

UG program seats are filled by JEE qualified candidates through centralized admission process conducted by the committee constituted by Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD. In the year 2016-17, the centralized admission process was coordinated by NIT, Patna through JoSAA .

Post Graduate Programs: M Tech / M Sc

M Tech program seats are filled by GATE qualified candidates through centralized admission process conducted by the committee constituted by Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD. In the year 2016-17, the centralized admission process was coordinated by NIT Surathkal through CCMT [Central Counseling for M Tech]. Students are given GATE Scholarship as per GOI, Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya) norms.

M Sc program seats are filled by JAM qualified candidates through centralized admission process conducted by the committee constituted by Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD. In the year 2016-17, the centralized admission process was coordinated by NIT Rourkela through CCMN 2016 [Centralized Counseling for M Sc].

Ph D Program 

Ph. D Rules and Guidelines : July-2016  (To be uploaded for the current year soon..)

There is no seats intake in Ph D program. Admission is given through institute advertisement. Candidates are selected through written test and interview conducted at the respective department. Students are given Teaching Assistanceship / Fellowship as per GOI, Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya) norms. Institute also admits candidates nominated under QIP scheme.

In the year 2016-17, 705 students (477 Male/ 228 Female) were admitted in B Tech/B Arch programs, 327 (267 Male /60 Female) in M Tech programs, 54 (35 Male & 19 Female) in M Sc programs, 48 (38 Male / 10 Female) in Ph D program.

All UG and PG programs are run on semester basis. Students are required to register courses every semester examination. Courses are categorized as core, elective open and humanities courses.  Course evaluation mainly includes two sessional tests, end-semester examination and any other assessment.  Course evaluation for laboratory courses is done on continuous basis through quizzes, assignments, seminars etc.  Evaluation pattern is relative  credit point based grading system on a ten-point scale and grades are awarded on assessment.  There is no provision for improvement of grade by re-registering in the course.  Students are required to re-register in to course/s in  which he /she obtain FF (fail grade)  in the subsequent semester.  Student performance is indicated by CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and are not awarded any division/percentage.  Student is eligible for the award of degree after completion of various requirement set by the institute in terms of credits, CGPA, and type of courses completed.

Academic rule book is made available to all the students and is available on website of the institute. Academic Peer Review of each academic program is being done with the help of faculty members of IITs, IISc, SPA etc.  The suggestions received under this review program are implemented through respective Board of studies.  Formal accreditation of various academic programs is being done with National Board of Accreditation (NBA).  Five B.Tech and Five M.Tech program are already accredited

Sr. No.ProgramDuration
(a)B Arch/B Tech 
1Architecture5 years (10 semesters)
2Chemical Engineering4 years (8 semesters)
3Civil Engineering-,,-
4Computer Science Engineering-,,-
5Electronics & Communication Engineering-,,-
6Electrical & Electronics Engineering-,,-
7Mechanical Engineering-,,-
8Metallurgical & Materials Engineering-,,-
9Mining Engineering-,,-
(b)M.  Tech.2 years (4 semesters)
1Environmental Engineering-,,-
2Water Resources Engineering-,,-
3Construction Technology & Management-,,-
4Transportation Engineering-,,-
5VLSI Design-,,-
6Communication System Engineering-,,-
7Computer Science Engineering-,,-
8Industrial Engineering-,,-
9Heat Power Engineering-,,-
11Integrated Power System-,,-
12Power Electronics & Drives-,,-
13Material Engineering-,,-
14Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering-,,-
15Structural Engineering-,,-
16Urban Planning-,,-
17Excavation Engineering-,,-
18Chemical Engineering-,,-
(c)M. Sc.
1M Sc Chemistry-,,-
2M Sc Mathematics-,,-
3M Sc Physics-,,-
(d)Ph. D. (Full time) 3 years