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Internship Program (IP) 2024

Internship Program (IP) – at VNIT, Nagpur

Scholars at Undergraduate, PG or Doctoral level enrolled in reputed institutions are encouraged to apply for the Internship Program at VNIT. The students would be given an opportunity to work on research/consultancy oriented project components under the able guidance of the concerned supervisors.

There are two kinds of Internship available at VNIT

  1. Summer Internship Program (SIP)
  2. Upto Semester Long Internship Program (USLIP)
  1. Summer Internship Program (SIP) – 2024 at VNIT, Nagpur

Excellent Opportunity for Students to Work for Internship at VNIT Nagpur, for Skill Development.


Scholars at Undergraduate, PG or Doctoral level enrolled in reputed institutions are encouraged to apply for Summer Internship Program (SIP) at VNIT as per the prescribed guidelines. The students would be given an opportunity to work on research/consultancy oriented project components under the able guidance of the concerned supervisors.

Rules & Regulations for undertaking internship at VNIT for Summer 2024

  1. Total time duration for SIP 2024 is from 1st June- 15th July 2024.
  2. Students who have completed 3rd year BE/BTech, 3rd or 4th Year B. Arch/BS-MS (Integrated MSc Courses) or 1st year MSc course at any recognized university or institutes are eligible to enrol as interns. Student having first class or CGPA higher than 6.75 in the latest grade card will be considered for SIP.
  3. Google Form of the completed (SIP) application should be filled on or before 14th April 2024. The applications will be evaluated and selected scholars shall be intimated by VNIT on the website.
  4. After selection, the selected scholars need to complete the desired joining formalities by depositing fees [Rs. 5000 for VNIT students and Rs. 5,000 + Rs. 900 (GST) = Rs. 5,900 for Non-VNIT students] by Online payment link at VNIT website in consultation with respective supervisor on or before 24th May 2024.The scholars who need accommodation and mess facilities at VNIT hostel, need to mention the same. The charges for hostel and mess facility will be extra as per Institute policy and norms.
  5. The whole process will be monitored by office of Dean (Academics).


  1. List of Summer Internship Projects is available on the website along with the respective supervisor in Google form during March 25 to April 14, 2024. The Google form needs to be filled by interested scholars mentioning the supervisors in order of preference.
  2. Interested scholar should contact the supervisor based on the topic/title of the project offered.
  3. Scholar should seek consent from the respective supervisors.
  4. The final list of selected candidates will be notified on website and the scholar should submit duly filled application form during May 16 to May 24, 2024.

General Instructions for Students

  1. This scheme will be available to outside VNIT students as well as VNIT students.
  2. The period of work should not be less than 6 weeks including Sundays and Holidays under any circumstances. If the final duration turns out to be less than 6 weeks, the internship will not be deemed to have been satisfactorily completed to be eligible for the certificate.
  3. It is expected that at the end of internship, candidate will come out with tangible result such as a conference/journal paper, development of lab experiment, filing of patent, etc. The intern will be required to give a seminar in the respective department at the end and submit a report to department head.
  4. A certificate of internship will be given to all interns after successful completion. The certificate will be signed by respective faculty in charge, HOD, SIP Coordinator & Dean(Academics).
  5. All correspondence and enquiries should be addressed by email to .
  6. Summer interns must strictly follow the rules and regulations (oral and written) stipulated by VNIT while working in the laboratory. If any malpractice on the part of the summer intern is reported, then VNIT will be constrained to terminate their fellowship.
  7. Based on specific supervisor’s satisfactory recommendation the scholar will be entitled for the award of certificate.
  8. For any accident occurring during the summer intern program, VNIT or Faculty or staff members involved in the programme will not be responsible.

SIP Certification:

After completion of the program, hard copy of the detailed project report and no dues form duly signed by the guide, should be sent to the Dean Academic office. The SIP certificate shall be released for the successful scholars by email.

For more details, please follow the link

List of Guides along with their details will be updated on March 25 here

Application Form for Applying for Summer Internship

 This form will be active during March 25 – April 14 only.

  • Upto Semester Long Internship Program (USLIP)

Semester long internships to students of other institutes/colleges.

Faculty members can offer such internship to students of other colleges/institutes, without affecting their own academic activities in VNIT. The candidate will have to pay Rs. 15,000 to VNIT for semester long internship. Admission to odd semester will have to be completed by 31st July and for even semester by 5th January of each year. The internship duration can be a maximum of six months. The hostel and food facility for the interns will be subject to availability of Hostel and on payment basis.

Click here to see the list of prospective guides   

You may also look at VNIT departmental faculty webpages for guides.

You may individually contact the guides and if the guide provides you with a consent, you may proceed for registration. The consent of the guide will serve as your allocation to them.

You are hereby requested to deposit the registration fee.

The amount for non-VNIT Students is Rs. 15,000

You may pay it only by Online Payment Method at VNIT website ( ).

Then choose “Application / Admission Fee”

Kindly do the needful on or before July 31, 2024 and send a proof of payment (Snapshot of receipt) by Google Form , for further processing at our end.

Candidates please click here to register for USLIP 2024 Odd Semester