1. Analysis, Design and Implementation of Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces (IRS) Assisted Wireless Communication Systems, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), 56.80 lakhs, P. K. Sharma, K. M. Bhurchandi, A. K. Srivastav
  2. To develop Biocompatible materials with a wide supercooled liquid region in Bulk Metallic Glass systems, SERB, 79.95 lakhs, J. G. Bhatt, A. K. Srivastav
  3. Evolution of Ductility of Bulk Amorphous Alloys Zr Based Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation and other treatments, DST, International Bilateral Cooperation division, 10.43 lakhs, J. G. Bhatt, Dmitry Gunderov (Russia)
  4. Metal Additive Manufacturing using Laser Cladding, DST, 54 lakhs, T. V. K. Gupta, J. G. Bhatt
  5. Development of process and establishment of parameters for producing parts by permanent joining (welding) of Metal Additively Manufactured Aluminium alloy and conventionally manufactured parts/components of Aluminium alloy for current and futuristic applications in armament, DRDO, 42 lakhs, PI: Vijay Hiwarkar (DIAT, Pune), Co-PI: R. K. Khatirkar (VNIT)
  6. Investigations on the influence of laser annealing towards improving fatigue life of Ni Ti/PI bimorph for thin film micro-actuator development, TEQIP Collaborative Research Scheme (NPIU), 3.19 lakhs, R. V. Taiwade


  1. Effect of coating thickness on slurry erosion resistance of thermal spray coatings to be used in components of naval and energy systems, NRB, 34.43 lakhs, S. G. Sapate, R. C. Rathod
  2. Assessment of weld interface creep cavitation of Ferritic / austenitic dissimilar weld joint of ferritic modified 9Cr-1Mo and austenitic 316LN steels, UGC-DAE-CSR, 18 lakhs, A. R. Ballal, M. M. Thawre
  3. Generation of High Diagram for alloy617M for the Indian Advanced Ultra Supercritical Power Plant, AUSC Mission Directorate, 414.14 lakhs, M. M. Thawre, A. R. Ballal, D. R. Peshwe, P. M. Padole
  4. Generation of Creep Data of the Indian Advanced Ultra Supercritical Power Plant Materials, AUSC Mission Directorate, 618.97 lakhs, D. R. Peshwe, A. R. Ballal, M. M. Thawre
  5. Round Robin Testing for Generation of Low Cycle Fatigue Data of the Indian Advanced Ultra Supercritical Power Plant Materials, AUSC Mission Directorate, 581 lakhs, A. R. Ballal, M. M. Thawre, D. R. Peshwe
  6. Large scale synthesis of WO3-x nanowires for chemiresistive gas sensors, SERB, 34.67 lakhs, A. K. Srivastav
  7. Structural developments during deformation and annealing in titanium alloys, SERB (DST), 19.36 lakhs, R. K. Khatirkar
  8. Design and Analysis on weld joints of Aerofoil in jet blast defector, Anand Mines ToolsPvt. Ltd. Nagpur, 4.08 lakhs, R. V. Taiwade, A. S. Dhoble
  9. Developing downstream applications of strip cast Al alloys, Ministry of Mines and NALCO, 31 lakhs, R. K. Khatirkar, S. G. Sapate
  10. Testing for Damage Evaluation of New Composite Materials & Components, ACECOST- III (AR & DB), 167.3 lakhs, D. R. Peshwe, J. G. Bhatt, M. M. Thawre
  11. Rheological study of Hydroxyl terminated poly butadiene (HTPB) – Aluminium nano particles (ANP) – Ammonium perchlorate (AP) Composite suspension, CARS, 10 lakhs, K. L. Wasewar, D. R. Peshwe
  12. Endurance studies of Hip prosthesis, CARS, 10 lakhs, P. M. Padole, D. R. Peshwe, M. M. Thawre
  13. Effect of texture on LCF behaviour of Ti-64 Turbine Blade material, CARS (GTRE), 10 lakhs, A. R. Ballal, D. R. Peshwe
  14. A study of micro-texture and texture evolution in 2205 duplex stainless steel during deformation and recrystallization, UGC Networking Resource Centre, 0.5 lakhs, R. K. Khatirkar
  15. Dissimilar welding behaviour of stainless steels using conventional and un-conventional processes, TEQIP-II, 0.55 lakhs, R. V. Taiwade